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  1. blckvec

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    been working at ups for 3 months, i have no clue how the vacation days work. Ive heard that if you don't use them before nov 22 you lose em... How do I know if I even have any? Cause if I do I'd use em this week. Anyone have any information on this ? Thx
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    You wont see any vacation days till after one year of work, check your local union book or ask your supervisor. Getting time off right now is hard, it's peak season and you can't just take time off if it's not scheduled. Good luck though.
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    damn... well my belt would die without me anyways... thanks alot!
  4. Nimnim

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    Fethrs is right, you shouldn't have any before your first year is done, ask a supervisor or steward, if you check the contract it's usually in the supplement.

    As far as losing them, I've never had vacation time leftover, but any option time leftover is usually cut into a check early December and paid out to you that way. Could be different in your location though.
  5. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Vacation days are use 'em/lose 'em. Unused sick and/or personal days are paid out.

    I have never had any left over days.
  6. Brown_Noser

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    That is different at my location.

    I didn’t use vacation one year (long story) and it rolled over to the next year. I never lost it.

    However “option” days not used, are paid out.
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    You must be one hell of a brown noser
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    At least for my shift we don't have an option not to schedule vacations. It's a different matter if you work through it, but they'll schedule and cut a check when the time comes and you won't have leftover vacation time at year end.
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    Along with asking supervisor, or checking contract, this information should be on your paystub right above address verification area. I do believe you should have to complete a full year before receiving any paid days off.
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    Use them or they will cut you a check for vacation/option days left over. You do NOT lose the money, just the time off.