Vacation paid out?

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    today is my 1 year at ups.. I took both of my 2 week vacations prior to my 1 year seniority date.. I can’t get a straight answer from anyone at my hub when I’m supposed to be getting paid. I was told on the 27th I could expect it but I feel that is inaccurate.. has anyone had this issue in the past? What should my next steps be? Also my steward doesn’t know when I should be paid as well..
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    isnt it 1 week AFTER 1 year and 2 weeks after 2 years? if you already took the time off and didnt get paid for it, you wont be getting paid for it now. vacations are normally paid 2 weeks in advance
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    The 27th
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    Just consider those free weeks off and use your vacation you have now
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    Check the time off viewer on usually the time isn't accrued and in your bank until a week after your seniority date.

    You might need a supervisor to manually take those vacation hours and pay you out since you took them before you were really allowed to. But I dunno. Maybe that will happen automatically?

    It's 2 week after 1 year where I'm at too. I think Most of the Western States get an extra week of vacation.
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    It will pay out at the end of the year
  7. do you have to take vacation every year and accumulate a bunch or they hand you a check if you didnt use your weeks that year