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    as p/t'er I'll have option of taking 7 personal days w/pay or converting up to 5 of those personal days to vac days w/pay (and I assume still use the remaining 2 personal daays)...what's the difference? It seems like the same thing (pay wise) either way. What am I missing? Thanks.
    PS do unused personal or vacation days carryover & accum yr-to-yr?
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    Here at our centre unused personal days get paid out at the end of the year.
  3. While I was an hourly we received a similar package, 5 sick days (which no one really used for being sick haha) and 3 personal days. You could use a combo of those to form another week's vacation as well. At the end of the year (which is may 1st - may 1st for us) ours were paid out also but most people made sure they used them all, myself included :wink:
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    The difference is that if you use 5 days for a vacation week you get paid in advance as if it were a regular vacation week. Also you can`t be bumped from any day in that week because it is considered a "vacation" week. What is unusual though is that usually you bid these days as a vacation week only AFTER everyone has bid their regular vacations during Vacation Bids which usually take place in January or February.
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    What do you mean by "no one really used for being sick haha"? Haven't you heard of Parcelitis? or TMS(Too Many Stops) Syndrome?. Don't forget Package Car Constipation (It's just jammed to the gills and I can't get em delivered fast enough). These are all legitimate reasons to call in sick.:w00t:
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    Thanks everyone-I'm not sure about the bid process for vac days since this will be my first Spring. I just didn't know if using personal or vacation was better for any reason. Sounds like the main reason to make sure you use vac when possible is that you get that $ up-front.
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    :tongue_sm This is just an option that you can take advantage of, thier is no difference if you take them separetly or as a vacation week. They are paid at your hourly rate, normal vacation weeks are paid on a formula that takes into account your previous year hours worked, you normally get a little more then your standard paycheck. This is how it works for the drivers and I would think it would apply to you.
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    You forgot, DGAS today- itis, I have never contracted this yet, but it could happen.