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    Here is the situation......

    We have 19 drivers in our center. 2 are in package while they are also vacation feeder drivers.

    There is some sort of equation that determines the number of vacations allowed weekly. If the number of drivers in a center is between 18 and 23 then you are allowed 3 vacations per week.

    Because we have 2 package drivers that have to work of the feeders vacation schedule this drops us back under the minimum 18. This is what the center manager told us. However will still have 19 in package.

    It strikes me as all convoluted logic. If we have the help why not schedule the three off per week?

    Can any one shed some light on this?
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    Ours is complicated. It's part percentage of the board but also fluctuates by what week it is. For example around the holidays more are off because volume drops more. Others not so much.