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  1. Overpaid Union Thug

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    That is new language for us. That, and new language that says there is a two hour penalty for getting taken off a bid route, could theoretically eliminate the problem.
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    Should have assumed that it was local language.

    We RARELY have that problem here. Once it gets discovered by a swing driver, the bid driver normally goes home instead of swinging.
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    I assume that mean VOLUNTARILY taken off a route because for all intents and purposes, it is YOUR route for the week.
  4. Overpaid Union Thug

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    We have never bid the routes that way. That language is new to us. We’ve always had unassigned drivers select daily.

    Everyone in my center at some point while being an unassigned driver have been “instructed” to run a different route than we chose. The only recourse was to file on the difference in pay between our hours worked and of the driver that was given our route. But that only worked if they clocked out after the grievant.

    But now we’ll have the two hour penalty so that’s good. That should also apply when some clown decides to, and is permitted to, work a scheduled vacation. Unless they select as an unassigned driver.

    I’ve gotten into more than a few verbal battles with the usual suspects over this and their spoiled, god complex, self righteous attitude was palpable each time. They honestly think that their super seniority entitles them to violate the contract. It was so sweet when a couple of us drivers in the lower third of the seniority list (at the time) shut that * down. The looks on their faces when they realized that they weren’t special after all was priceless.They occasionally slip one by when we are short on drivers. I mean it is, in fact, hard to keep all the pests out of the barn. LOL.
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    How did that work for them?
  6. You ever think that the older guys have put their time in with the company and don't want to work when it's hot as hell?
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    giphy (33).gif
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    One year in Package I took about as many Fridays off as I could in the summer. Holiday weeks were already four day work weeks. Along with vacation weeks I worked 15 weeks straight of only four day work weeks. It was awesome.
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    I bet you're fun at parties. Hey wanna go play 9 sometime? J/K
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  11. Wally

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    Just for that, I'm hogging July and August! Enjoy you October summer vacation!
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  12. Dr.Brownz

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    Well I'm on Vaca for the next 4 weeks straight so not very good