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    The national does not.
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    I hate the advance pay .
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    Exactly. I’d be pissed if I missed 4th of July week by one person and then that dude came in to work.
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    We put a stop to that double dipping here and they had to post multiple permanent ft driving opportunities the next spring because few part timers signed up to be vacation replacements.

    Some drivers didn't like it but I told them if they couldn't live on $1800+ a week they could sell one of their Harleys.
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    But you didn’t offer a solution. And you only work in a super small center. What of the large 100+ driver centers? What’s the solution?
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    He may not remember exactly because he was around 60 in 1990. Lol.
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    Irregardless- lol.
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    And before you pounce, I realize that is an "accepted" word.
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    If you are in the Southern then you need to file each and every time someone works during their vacation. They are violating article 61 G and also, if you were the one that bid their route, they are also violating whatever article applies to that new language pertaining to bidding routes weekly.

    Yes, the new language does say that if a bid driver returns to work during the week they will return to their route are they returning to their route if they are supposed to be on a scheduled vacation? Ask for the two hour penalty each and every time you are bumped by a driver that supposed to be on vacation just like you would/should if you were moved from any other bid route due to staffing or “knowledge issues.”

    I just don’t understand why this is ever an issue in any building. Why the hell would anyone in their right mind want to work during a vacation? But putting that aside, why can’t :censored2:s just do the right thing and follow the contract? We expect management to do just that so why are hourly employees any different? If the contract says vacations must be sold in September, which the Southern does, then they need to keep their asses away from UPS during their selected vacation weeks. It’s not rocket science.

    But what else should we expect from the same guys that sign up for extra work on preload but take the layoff for driving the same day. At least that’s how it is in my building.
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    Southern supplement is vague multiple grievances could be filed. It says if driver returns mid week he will be back on his route. So what about the beginning of the week or end of the week? It’s all about the wording. If you get bumped,just file a grievance and get your penalty pay.
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    Article 61 G is crystal clear. Says that a driver can take the pay for vacation in lieu of time off but that they must notify the company in September. So a driver on a selected vacation week not only shouldn’t be able to bump but should be sent home as well.

    The new language is talking about bid drivers that were scheduled off for reasons other than selected vacation weeks. A good example is a bid driver that was supposed to be on orders with the National Guard for an entire week but had the rest cancelled at some point during that week. Doesn’t matter if it’s mid week or on a Friday.
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    Your not making any sense.
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    Makes perfect senses. Perhaps your hangover is clouding things a bit?
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    What Overpaid is saying is that a driver that is on vacation, comes in to work, contractually, that driver has NO bumping rights to a route. Contractually, the driver should be sent home. If management works the driver, it would be at the bottom of the seniority list, taking out the crapiest of crapwagons.

    When I was told that I would not be covering a route because the driver was working his vacation, the BA took care of it. The driver stayed home and I worked his job. The driver could have worked, but would have been at the bottom of the seniority list, as a cut driver.

    We have a couple of drivers in my center that save their option weeks and then never ask for those days off. If a driver feels the need to work vacation, that is the only contractual way to do it. The week of Thanksgiving, said driver will be paid for all unused split days.
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    There you go barnyard,now that was worded correctly.
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    I apologize for not having articulated it in that one particular sequence of wording that your comprehension allows you to understand. In the future I will refrain from citing contract language without first using an advanced AI program that, hopefully, will be able construct an algorithm that will allow it to satisfy your specific level of reading comprehension.
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    I like the new weekly bid language and the two hour penalty. It has ”teeth” and strengthens the already existing language. Management won’t like paying monetary grievances for letting bid drivers work during their vacations.
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