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    I have a vacation week I didn't earn. It has been discussed with my sup and the sup says I must take a week vacation. Only have just under 8 years in and took my 3 paid weeks to my knowledge last year.

    I am afraid that UPS will discover the error and remove the week I took off down the road. I need the hours in my h&w and pension just like everyone else.

    My sup will not let me work the week of vacation; I have to take it.

    Is there any recourse here? The week to my knowledge is an error. This is a unique situation to my knowledge. I feel as though I'm getting laid off and this is a unique disguise to lay someone off when volume is low and not pay them anything.


    Another employee in my center had this same thing happen. The next year UPS said he had taken to much vacation and he owed them a week.
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    Sleve, do you have access to an HR person? They may be able to straighten it out for you. BTW, when on vaca, your H&W are paid as if you were working.
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    I agree. Somewhere there is a schedule to refer to. My center keeps one on hand to avid any problems. Of course, if they are trying to Lay you off, my guess is that it is under lock & key.
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    You earn an additional week at 8 years. 4 weeks vacation here (3 weeks, 1 optional week).

    You said you were just under 8 years so when you hit your anniversary day this year you get the additional week after that date.
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    You might just roll the "extra" one forward for this year to give it a chance to work out of the system and allow you to fully explore why you have it on your account. Are the hours listed on your pay stub at the bottom under VAC, OPD, or OPW? If not, you haven't as of yet accrued the hours. You should always be allowed to roll at least one week to the next year for future use, check your area supplement though. We have people here that have several weeks rolled forward over the course of several years to get time behind their eligibility date so they can take spring / summer weeks if their date is in the fall, say.
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    I just thought of something else. If you have a vacation, they can not tell you when to take it. although they can tell you when you can't. There is sure something fishy going on, and I would sure keep looking into it to get a straight answer before I took any time off.