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    The supplement I fall under states that an employee who has a seniority date before July 31, 1990 will have vacation accrual date of January 1 of the year of employment. I am getting different answers as to what this means.

    If an employye has a start date in 1989, then their vacation accrual date would be january 1 of 1989. Here is the question. Would the year of 1989 be considered the first complete year; therfore making 2013 the 25th year considering vacation and an additional week is earned? Does JUanuary 1 throudh December 31st count as a full year, or is the year not earned until January 1 rolls back around?

    I would think it would work the same as it does for retirement. If you work the minimum number of hours the first year, that first year is counted toward retirement. I know vacations are earned by reports, and not hours.

    Any help?
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    When you complete the 25th year (2013) your earn the additional week for the 2014 vacation schedule.

    Correct me if I am wrong guys.
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    25 years. I can't wait. Ill be more worried about retirement than vacation though. Lol

    Good luck call your BA or talk to a steward.