Vandergriff #2 in Top Fuel

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    Bob Vandergriff settled in the #2 spot at the 11th annual O'Reilly NHRA Midwest Nationals presented by Castrol Saturday, May 5, 2007 in Madison, IL.

    The UPS Top Fuel dragster ran a 4.61 ET in the quarter-mile at 321.19 MPH in the rain-shortened qualifying session. He will face #15 qualifier, Doug Kalitta, who finished a close #2 in the NHRA Powerade points race in 2006, in final eliminations Sunday. Taped delay broadcast will be on ESPN2 at 0700 Eastern.

    Let's see if he gets a smidgeon of ink from the Brown Gods.
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    He should, there isn't much to write about the other UPS driver this weekend.
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    I know where my racing budget would go,in a straight line.
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    Bob loses in 2nd round to Larry Dixon. Had stellar round 1 against Kalitta. Spec people were really reeling on how Vandergriff's team has tightened up this car and made it run consistant.

    Round two looks like it was won by reaction time. Vandergriff records a .091 RT and runs 4.608 ET (better than his qualifying time) at 323.50 MPH. Dixon records a .057 RT and runs 4.607/321.35 to advance to round 3. Margin of victory (MOV) was .17 seconds, in Top Fuel, that equates to about a half a car length.

    Congrats Bob!!!