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    The UPS sponsored Top Fuel dragster campaigned by Bob Vandergriff qualified in the number 15 spot out of 16 positions Saturday at the NHRA Nationals in Las Vegas, NV.

    Vandergriff ran a 4.61 ET at 279.21 MPH. He will face #2 Brady Kalivoda in final eliminations Sunday who ran a 4.49 ET at 329.11 MPH.

    Taped delay broadcast will be on ESPN2 at 700 PM EDT, 04/15/07
  2. raceanoncr

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    Vandergriff makes it all the way to the finals in Vegas!

    The UPS-sponsored dragster ran a 4.82 ET at 298 MPH against Brandon Bernstein, who just overpowered him in running a 4.52 at 330.

    The final-round appearance by Vandergriff moves him back into the top ten.
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    Maybe UPS should focus on Vandergriff and not that suckass Jarrett. On UPSER' all they focus on is that nascar loser. I know it's only one race but aleast he's in the top ten in his sport!!!
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    Lots of positive company exposure for only pennys on the dollar compared to Mr Nascar Provisional.
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    I was happily surprised to see Bob make the finals as he has at best a good low .60's car to the better cars going low .50's and high 40's. I also knew that unless Tim and Kim got greedy with the setup and struck the tires that Bob had little chance as he had no choice but to either hop up the car and risk striking the tires (as he did) or take a shot at the tree and a possible redlight. Regardless, going rounds is what that team needs more than anything else.

    Pretty emotional Bernstein bunch after the final and your heart went out to them. Kenny went through this before with Blaine so he can really help those kids through this tough part of life. And God Bless John Medlen for being able to come back out and literally be a rock for everyone else including us fans. He's a very special man in my book!
  6. cachsux

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    Yep, he`s a true leader and example of someone truly strong in his faith.