Very excited to say "I QUIT!"

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    Let me start of by saying that this is the worst company I have ever worked for. I couldn't even last a year at this corrupt organization. I finally quit this place and brother am I glad I did. The sense of relief I felt after I quit is indescribable.

    The job of a courier is an important career. Traveling with time sensitive materials that people pay big bucks for is a noble profession. $17 an hour is :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: pay for this type of work. Traffic coordinators for the city make close to $22 where I live. Holding a stop sign versus driving frantically all day to make commitment times is a no brainer. Drivers need to be compensated fairly for all their hard work.

    My question to you long timers and FedEx lifers is why wouldn't you ever push for a union? I know of a myriad of drivers at my location who actually work through their lunch break as management turns a blind eye to the situation. Since the inception of FedEx, has there ever been a teamsters member pushing for the couriers to unionize? I have worked for a union while employed for a municipality and they absolutely made every aspects of our job easier. I felt physically safe and relaxed at work 99% of the time. We could not enter backyards with big dogs and could skip meters when we had a bad feeling about a backyard. We also had a manageable work day.

    FedEx squeezes every last drip of sweat from their drivers and the expectations just increase day by day. Safety here is an absolute joke. There are older package handlers on the belts are left all alone and are lifting 75 lb boxes consistently. I see them struggling as they lift as they look extremely uncomfortable. The safety guy is never anywhere to be found at night analyzing the workers form and workload either. I've had a situation where I asked for a dolly understanding my pickups at times could get heavy and was told they would work on getting me one. I get an oncall and the description states 2 packages for 215 pounds! I call dispatch and tell them I do not have the proper resources to pick up these packages. They tell me to find a way to get them in the truck.:angry: They even told me to ask a neighboring business or other able body to help and give me a lift. Not only is this unprofessional, its also humiliating to the driver. A dolly is not a luxury for a courier, its a necessity. A union would absolutely solve the before mentioned problems

    My heart aches for all of you FedEx lifers and old timers. From my understanding, the company did not always operate in this unethical fashion. There were times when the company did value its workers and managed their workload better. I would encourage everyone here to pursue another opportunity elsewhere when they arise. No one should be subjected to the bull:censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: that is taking place at FedEx. If there is one message I have for Mr. Fred Smith it is "you reap what you sow." Understand that treating your employees like dogs will lead to decreased customer satisfaction, increased turnover and training costs, loss of any goodwill, bad brand image, increase in damaged packages, bad morale. Let me know if I left anything off this thread.

    God Bless all of you FedEx employees. I hope that things change for the better for you all. :peaceful:
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    Good post. What line of work are you going into now?
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    I am happy for you. Not only did you tell us, you showed us. I respect that. Put your money where your mouth is. I have always done that, because anything less is talk. Talk is cheap. I don't agree with your outlook about FedEx but I respect your right to voice your concerns and then follow through with action.

    Actions always speak louder than mere words, always have always will. Good luck to you in your future career.
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    Aren't you going to tell him what a great company he is leaving?
  5. Sniper

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    I would like to know....there is NOTHING here job wise, much less career wise.
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    I missed the part why you left such a good job...
  7. Sniper

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    Nope. His choice, just like it's OUR choice to continue working for FedEx. He has more marbles in his pockets than most who whine, cry, bitch and moan....all the way to the bank on Friday.:happy-very:

    FedEx has been GOOD for me, and I have been GOOD for FedEx. I love my job, most days and I am not "hoping" for "change" that will never come. Been there, saw it....even have the brown out T-shirt
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    I just wonder if Dano has a twin. Is your nickname "Thunder"?
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    Nope...Mr Sunshine on a rainy forum.....that's why I like it here. More drama than Face Book. Drama I can relate to because I have be doing it as long as I have, and still like what I do. Hate that for ya.

    It is what it is...
  10. MrFedEx

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    Dude, there is always someone like you in every station. No matter what they do to you, you "make lemonade out of lemons". Then they screw you again, and you make "Snap-E-Tom out of tomatoes", and then you lose something else, and you make "Onionade out of onions". What can you make from the used toilet paper you are getting now?

    One of these days, it will hit you. If Fred told you to jump off a cliff, would you do it? He's your CO, right? Just a good soldier who lets others do his thinking for him. He wishes he had a whole company full of "Snipers" who think just like you. He does whatever he wants, and you let him.
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    Dellwello, I hear you. When Fedex bought Kinkos, I kept hearing what a great company Fedex is to work for. A Fedex driver told me, "Oh, I hope you get our benefits!" Well, what a nightmare this merger has become. Benefits? Cigna is :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:. Raises for the actual working folks are waaaaay below reasonable ($17 an hour? God DAMN I wish I made that much. I assure you that we grunts in FedexOffice CPCs work like dogs on ridiculous deadlines and with pathetically old and/or inadequate machinery, AND we lift and carry a lot, like you delivery folk. And we get paid dirt for it. I'm single and I get $3 less an hour than you and I can barely BARELY make ends meet. I don't have any debt and I'm not a spendthrift, but living on the crap F*CKOFF salary is nearly impossible.)

    Next year I'll have access to my 401k money and THEN'S the time when I too will be free and I will tell Fred Smith to SHOVE IT UP HIS WITHERED HOLE.
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    I was able to land a position as a longshoreman apprentice for the New Jersey Port. It starts in November and pays a little more hourly, but I have to pay union dues. I understand Sniper by looking at this from a glass half full perspective. My question to him is to call a strike a strike. Telling part time couriers to work the AM for 2 hours then come back in 5 hours is absolutely wrong. FedEx is taking advantage of the terrible job market, but the effects of this will one day rear its ugly head. I am not a big talker, but I just feel that the business practices being implemented at FedEx at this time is borderline illegal and definitely unethical. I work alongside alot of talented employees at FedEx that absolutely deserve better than what their being subjected to. If FedEx experiences alot of turnover, they may be forced to change the ways they are treating their employees. I wish the best for all of you at FedEx and I will never forget my time at this company.
  13. Cactus

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    It's CEO's like Smith that are responsible for the crappy job market. If unemployment was at a low like during the mid 1960's, FedEx would have to be kissing people's asses to work here. Then again they'd also wouldn't get away with 99% of the crap they pull either.
  14. TheJackal

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    Right.......and the fact the economy hasn't recovered fully has nothing to do with it. When the bottom dropped, companies laid people off and figured out how to work with less people. Why have 10000 employees, when you can do the same work with 9000?
  15. fedupped

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    ..and they made 2 billion in profit after all expenses. And then voted to give themselves 16 million more shares of option exercises as executive bonuses. Oh yeah, theoretically you or i or your senior mgr could be rewarded with some of these,..but lets get serious. Might as well buy some meteor insurance.
  16. MrFedEx

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    Sniper, was it GOOD for you and your wife when Fred took away the Traditional Plan? In another post, you mention having to work into your 60's, and my guess is that means your wife too. Is that GOOD? Mr. Smith didn't have to kill the pension, but he did, because we don't have a union to stop huge takeaways like that one. Is that GOOD, too? You see, Fred pulled ERISA funding out of his ass because that's all he had, and all of the dumb employees just said "OK", and rationalized it by saying "It is what it is". If you remember, that's when all of the passenger airlines were going bankrupt and using the pension guarantee program from the federal government. Because FedEx is an "airline" (not really), Fred used this golden opportunity to lie and say his motivation was to preserve our "threatened" pension, which wasn't threatened at all. Trouble is, FedEx was still highly profitable, and the Traditional Plan could have easily been retained. It wasn't even a good plan, but much better than the PPA annuity we have now. Your buddy Fred screwed us because he could, and because he saw a way to enrich himself at our expense.

    So, when you're still a courier at age 65, you can thank Fred. Because most of our hours have been cut and our wages haven't kept up with inflation, few employees can max-out their contribution to the 401k, which is the real retirement plan these days. As your take-home wage shrinks in comparison with the cost-of-living, you get to make-up the difference if you want to maintain a decent lifestyle, so thanks to FedEx, many of us get to take second jobs, including yourself. In the mean time, your UPS counterpart can max out their 401k, know that they will have a very good pension when they retire, and not have to work a second job just to make ends meet.

    See, I SHOWED you that Fred is reaming you out, and you still stand by the bastard like he's your best buddy...he's not.
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  17. Route 66

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    This is why I always have to just shake my head whenever someone mentions the senior employees "already got theirs". Yes, we got ours too - right up the ol' rectum when Fredward gutted all of our pensions. Any senior employee who is walking around thinking he/she is sittin' high and wide these days just because they're topped out is beyond delusional.
  18. TUT

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    Why isn't he allowed his own opinions and feelings? Why is he wrong and you right?
  19. Sniper

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    I think it is a fair statement to say none of us are happy the traditional pension plan was capped.

    I'm not. (if you want the truth) I personally would have been much better off staying with a "hick county" Sheriff's office full time, retirement wise.

    Again my mistake (retirement wise), hindsight is always 20/20. I have no regrets, too old to now. The caliber and character of a lot of people in LE is not the caliber I work with here everyday. A lot of them in LE will stab you in the back to make them look "good" or they are "threatened" because you might have a piece of paper they don't have. Been there, seen it, done it, still doing it for $1.00 a year. LE doesn't "own" me like they use to, I have a home at FedEx, given my age length of service that is my reality. If I am going to be "owned" FedEx is the best owner I have ever had, or will have for that matter. (in this world). Look around....

    I have a bad habit, of "calling them like I see them" and in law enforcement that will get you ZERO real fast. (after all that is what has gotten me in so much "trouble" here) I call them like I see them.

    Keep in mind "the vote" was just around the corner. Enron has just crashed and the economy was in a tailspin, much like today. I was employed here during that time.

    For those that were here, what really "bothered" us was we had a choice between the TPP or PPA. Fast forward several months and that choice was decided for us. Most all of the employees at our sta opted for the TPP. I know, I was there and I'm still here.

    A lot of the "older" drivers who would have never supported "representation" were ready. If I recall the bill had passed the house, waiting on the senate and one last signature. It was a "done deal" or was it?

    Know we all know when mean ole W. had the reigns that bill would have NEVER been signed, but "hope and change" was large and in charge, holding ALL the power, house, senate and executive branch. It was a DONE DEAL.

    All the moaning and groaning in the world will not change that history or the reality I live in every day. It will never happen again during my employment with FedEx. It's a "changing" economy for sure, McDonalds is hiring and I delivered two home foreclosure notices TODAY 10-2-13 out of 34 stops and 5 pick ups...not very good "odds" if you are a gambler.

    I get the TPP reports, OUR TPP has ALWAYS been over funded. Unlike Social security and some state pension plans, some "districts" of "some" unions, ect....

    I would encourage anyone to try to better themselves.

    At the end of the day, individual responsibility will let you adapt to "changing" reality. The whole country is financially broke but I still have a job that I love most days.
  20. dezguy

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    Yet at my sta, senior, topped out employees went against a union drive three years ago in what seemed like almost spit to us non topped out employees. I can still remember my first SFA meeting when I mentioned that it takes too long to get to top wage and one of the topped out guys layed into me, telling me they had to wait to get to top wage, why shouldn't I?

    When you're trying to make things better for everyone, yet there are those who block those attempts out of spit or because they don't want anyone to not have to go through what they have, people tend to get upset. I know if I ever actually get to top out, I'm not going to block the chance for a lower seniority employee to get to top wage quicker than I did.