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    I don't know where to post this. I think here because it may be important down the road to have records of hours worked and actual weekly pay totals. Everyone should save or print their paychecks records from 2007 on. (2007 is as far as mine go back on

    The following is from and is copyrighted, registered, trademarked, etc to UPS.

    The View Paycheck feature soon will only display pay advices for the current year and previous three years.
    Please note this change takes effect on June 9.

    These changes were made to help reduce storage space and to improve server performance. If need documentation that is more than three years old for legal reasons, please contact your supervisor who will work with their payroll contacts to obtain the necessary pay history.
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    I have not viewed mine in weeks. I have to upgrade to IE 10 they tell me, and I have not. Print them out now, if you need,if you can, its going through.
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    The payroll sites and the tax group also have several years worth of W-2s on file so you can always request those if you need earnings data for prior years. If more detail is needed, Payroll can provide a week by week history that will show hours, earn types, wage totals, and tax/other deductions. I don't see this change as being a big deal for anyone.
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    The simple solution is to have UPS continue to print out hard copies of your check regardless of the fact that you may have direct deposit. Simply check the box online indicating that you want a pay stub.

    NEVER rely on UPS accounting to have an accurate record of your past work history. I recently put in a request for retirement information and discovered that UPS "lost" 2 full years of my service records (1997 and 1998). FORTUNATELY, I saved every pay stub since I started working at UPS and was able to provide them with proof of hours for those two years. The best part was that they were not going to accept only my last pay stub of the year as proof of hours considering that the total hours were not listed back in 97 and 98. For some reason they had a hard time dividing my hourly rate into my gross pay to get an estimate of total hours worked........which was more than double what I needed for retirement credit (750 hours/year). When I informed them that I would be glad to come to work and fax them the complete set of pay stubs, they magically gave me credit for those two missing years.
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    I was on vacation one of the weeks we were on strike in August 1997. Have tried repeatedly to get payroll to provide me with payroll history for that time period so I could receive the pension credit for that week. Have been informed time and again that the information requested is not available. Have resigned myself to the fact that I will have to work an extra day to get my 30 full time years.
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    IMO this is a waste of resources and unnecessary.

    I check my paystubs every Thursday and print out each end of year stub for tax preparation.

    This move by UPS makes sense. I could never figure out why they didn't include just the current years stubs for viewing and previous years stubs in memory.

    As for the pension, we get an annual statement from our pension fund. I compare the numbers on that statement to those on my end of year paystub.