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    Well the results have kicked in from our virtual time study. I went from running 1 to 1.5 hours over to .25 over. I have 12-18 less stops a day. Question is, how long before Hoffa takes the credit for the new "numbers" and will it last? Most of the routes in my center now run at scratch or below. I'm thinking this want go unnoticed and adjustments made.
  2. The Blackadder

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    After they did our center the same thing happened, a few weeks later they said over under does not matter it is sorph that counts now.

    Keep on eye out for it, I bet it is coming to your center soon.
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    we get the results of ours in october, should be interesting to say the least. Im sure they are not gonna say we are working too hard
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    Don't worry about their numbers, worry about doing your job safely and by the methods the best you can. Everything else is someone else's problem.
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    Bring that "virtual" time study on !!!!!!. SPORH is the key.
    When my pre-EDD "physical" time study was conducted, by a person that did not even know what a satellite center was,-(by his own admission)- I lost 2 hours.
    He did not know how to include left building, wait and load time, so it was ignored in his time study.
    I went from being an under allowed driver, to an over allowed, by 1 hour, driver.
    I increased SPORH by over 20% and reduced miles by 40%, when I took this route 16yrs ago.
    By area knowledge, I have increased the SPORH by another 10%, yet I still am a black sheep on the WOR.
    In my mind, SPORH is the key indicator, if mileage and volume of packages are also included into the equation.

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    We did that crap a couple years ago and I lost several stops but in the weeks following I slowly got them back. Don't get used to it.
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    What UPS giveth it shall soon taketh away. Enjoy it while it lasts but do not develop any expectations or feelings of entitlement towards that number. It can and will be adjusted, altered, manipulated and otherwise screwed with at the sole discretion of an I.E person who you have no access to and will never meet. "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain."
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    So true. Same thing happened to my route. I got a new time study. I went from running .65 over to .45 under, 15 less stops. And now 1 year later, I have slowly lost all of it. I am at .90 over now, gained all my stops back. Idiots.
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    My dispatch sup told me one day I had to write my "excuse" of why I was over/under on this clipboard at the end of the day. I had never noticed nor cared before about that stuff. End of the day came and I was .5 over. I had, also, taken 20 stops off another driver at the end of the day. Stops that I would normally have had on that particular day(Avon day). I wrote on that clipboard that my excuse was bad dispatch. Big surprise the next morning, I was hauled into the office by the dispatcher. I told the center manager that I will not change my "excuse", as that is what occurred. First and last time I wrote on that clipboard.
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    So, rather than write "had to meet driver to take 20 stops", which would have justified the 1/2 hour, you felt it necessary to write "bad dispatch". Yet you wonder why you get such a hard time at work.
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    I wrote the truth. Just because I don't cover for a bad dispatch makes it my problem? Had the dispatcher done his job correctly, I would have run scratch or better. One can only hope the reason your center manager was at my center was to meet his new dispatch sup. Now, THAT would be worth anything! LOL!!
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    You mean it wasn't the mac and cheese????
  13. UpstateNYUPSer

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    He was there for some sort of meeting, although he did mention Kraft at the PCM yesterday morning.

    menotyou, it is called staying under the radar--you might try it sometime.
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    No, she wrote the actual problem, not a symptom of it. You been drinking the bown cool-aid so long your starting to think like them.
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    Why? I like me just the way I am.
  16. menotyou

    menotyou bella amicizia

    You been dreaming of some good "Mac and cheese" so long you just thought you heard Kraft.
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    Did that meeting involve him getting a change of address form? There is a rumor that he might be moving south.

    What will a new center manager do to that Bubble of Goodness, I wonder? :winks:


    Why dont they actually give management something productive to do??? Seriously those time studies are the dumbest things ever dreamed of. OH lets play around with your dispatch and give you an average of what you SHOULD run on a 3 day basis. All the while pulling stops off of here and adding stops here. She was perfectly justified by saying it was a horrible dispatch, how else are they going to know unless you tell them? I see what they do to jack with the numbers and once again its dishonesty at play by management.

    You go to Integrad like I did and if you do EVERYTHING by the method theres no way you would ever get DONE in a days time. You would be 11.5 every single day. Im not saying dont work safe, not saying dont take care of yourself but seriously the things they tell you to do theres just no way you can do it and be within their "TIME." Whenever Im on that big brown turd Im wanting to find the quickest and easiest way to get done and get home.
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    I say, state the problem. Believe it or not, it is not always us. Good Job menotyou. I filed out the eri today, took me a while to write it all down, but I made a statement, they can throw it is file 22 or whatever, its the problem. I am so tired of them saying its us. Sometimes it may be. But Ill take the bet hands down and done, its usually not. I dont care what planning system they use. You cant give a driver a route one day that does 14.0 and then increase the business portion add miles, and so sporadic, it takes a analyst to figure the best way to run it and get the same result! I used to really pay attention, shave my lunch and breaks, for what!!!!!!!
    They made the numbers, let them die with them, I wont.
  20. Bubblehead

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    I say tell them to write their own notes on their little clipboard.
    That way they can read the writing while they're on their conference call.
    We are no way obligated to participate in these type of grade school tactics.
    Just be glad they don't have chalk and a blackboard.