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    Started in Europe a couple months ago and moved to the US within a couple of weeks. UPS sent e-mail warnings as Technical Bulletins to as many customers as possible.
    This is definitely a bad virus...don't open.

    Attention: Virus Warning
    [​IMG]Service Update
    We have become aware there is a fraudulent e-mail being sent that says it is coming from UPS and leads the reader to believe that a UPS shipment could not be delivered. The reader is advised to open an attachment reportedly containing a waybill for the shipment to be picked up.

    This e-mail attachment contains a virus. We recommend that you do not open the attachment, but delete the e-mail immediately.

    UPS may send official notification messages on occasion, but they rarely include attachments. If you receive a notification message that includes an attachment and are in doubt about its authenticity, please contact customerservice

    Please note that UPS takes its customer relationships very seriously, but cannot take responsibility for the unauthorized actions of third parties.

    Thank you for your attention.
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    One of my customers got one of these about 3 weeks ago and, of course, opened it like an idiot. I informed her that we send out actual postcards that inform of delivery attempts, not emails. Oh well. That's life.
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    Darn it I never seem to get all these great e-mails, all I get is ads.
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    Yeah, FedEx has also had the same in between the various African Money Scams that involve supposed FedEx Shipments.
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    I got a new Nigerian money scam today. It said it was the FBI and those emails were real, this bank is just waiting for me to pick up my $30 million for whatever I did to earn it!:greedy:Usually I just win about $2 million in the UK Lottery a few times a week. I'm not worried about Central States going under, I'll just ask these nice folks to send me my money!!!
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    Why don’t these scammers hire someone who can write fluent English, say... an American. These scams are so easy to see through. United Paket Service, lol.
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    Exactly... all that horrible grammar and people still fall for it? Imagine if they had actually ran spell-check.
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    Anyone who falls for those schemes deserves to lose all their money!
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    You mean it's all a scam????:surprised: I just ordered a new Cadillac!!!!:anxious:
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    Don't you think something of this nature would be PCM worthy, instead of telling us things like how bad we are, how we never listen, how we take things the wrong way, how we never use our heads, how we choose to do the wrong thing................

    or is this just MY center manager?
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    Don't you remember them telling that in the PCM of 07/22/08 ? Must not have been listening.

    J/K Your right of course, this should have been covered in a PCM as well as letting all news agencies aware of the problem. Then maybe we would make the news as a company that cares about the customers.