Voided Check.

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    UPS_PICKOFF New Member

    first off hello im new here.

    ok heres my problem and i believe i caused this about 2 days ago i log on to upsers.com and deleted my direct deposit i tried to be slick because bank of america says i owe a 7.35 overdraft so i canceled direct deposit not thinking (i have 2 jobs) i forgot i got paid tonite and when i received my check
    its says void.

    i need to do something quick because i have bills i need to pay how can i fix this problem asap.
  2. SmithBarney

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    if it says void, then it probably got Direct Deposited...
  3. toonertoo

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    Fist off I just did the same switch, and once you cancel one dd, you should get a paper check the next week, but since yours got sent to your bank and sent back you will be fighting til next wednesday at least to get it.
    I do not believe UPsers.com is working. My co worker has been waiting since 7 wks ago and he went through the check being sent back, etc.
    So I followed the advice of the former payroll person at my cnter who came for a visit and I left both accounts open til I started getting a paper check again. but then it was 2 weeks, with a paper check and no DD, so I gave my center manager, a form from my bank to housemail to payroll on Monday, and he said he checked and it will be dd in my new acct tonorrow, I just checked, 1236 am and it doesnt show, but Ill keep you posted.
    UPSERS .com needs some update I believe.
    Nothing seems to work.
    I checked my buddies acct for him and everything he did was right, but the info doesnt seem to flow through.
    Looks like your broke for a while Bud. Once it goes into cyber space, there isnt much to do but wait it out.
  4. toonertoo

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    It says void when DD, but if he just did it tuesday, not enough time for payroll to switch it. It was sent to his old bank where he closed account, and then back to UPS payroll.
  5. eastlos

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    If you deleted the DD from upsers just two days ago I'm pretty sure it will not take effect until at least another week or two. The money should be in your bank account.
  6. DS

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    you cancelled direct deposit?
    you bonehead...now ya gotta go talk
    to human resources ... use your visa
    for now but put it back when you get
    your check...new to ups and new to
    the internet? be careful
  7. LKLND3380

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    Let me make sure I understand this...

    You posted this after midnight Easter time and two days ago either on Wednesday or possibly Tuesday you logged on to UPSers.com to cancel your direct deposit?

    The reason you cancelled your direct deposit is: "i tried to be slick because bank of america says i owe a 7.35 overdraft..." So your intent was to avoid paying an overdraft you created?

    So your question is: "how can i fix this problem asap..."

    My simple solution is for you not to write anymore bad checks and only spend money you have...

    UPS_PICKOFF New Member

    ok so is there anything i can do today to correct this or i have to wait to sunday night and talk to the hr?

    btw on my paystub it says direct deposited in (Insert Name) but my bank acct # or aba no onger shows up so that means ups has it right? also when i first started last year my very first check was lost & i have to wait until the next pay period i hope i dont have this problem with this check.

    UPS_PICKOFF New Member

    ok i put dd back on on upsers.com and EUREKA my check appeared in my bank account.
  10. BCFan

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    whew thats great news I was awake all night worried on your behalf:thumbup1:BC