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    Hello everyone, I received my W2, and the amount on it is wrong. I've called my HR dept, and they told me to call Ohio, which is where payroll is done. I've been calling every day, leaving messages, trying different extensions, leaving more messages. Not one soul has called me back! I have my last paycheck, and it's obvious the amount on my W2 is incorrect. I even called my local HR dept back and told them how I've been calling and not getting a response. I was given another number to call, and gosh, guess what, no one picked up the phone, and I had to leave another message, and no one has called me back. What's the deal? Does anyone know what my recourse is? How in heavens name will I get this resolved? I obviously can't file taxes, because of the misinformation, and frankly, I don't want to, because what UPS says I made is only a 1/3 of what I really made. I'm a single parent with kids, and really look forward to my tax refund each year. Can anybody advise me? Thanks everyone!
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    Have you checked the IRS website? Unfortunately, UPS is blowing you off. Time to take it to the next level.
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    How Do You Report Suspected Tax Fraud Activity?

    Here's a link for reporting companies that are not complying with the tax law. There are other links, too.

    Internal Revenue Service
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    This is one of those things that just drives me nuts. You have a problem with your W2 and you're on the brown cafe looking for advice. Your now about to get advice on how to sic the IRS on ups.

    Lets back up a minute.

    Did you talk to your boss yet?
    Did you talk to his/her boss yet?
    Have we talked to anyone in finance in your district yet?

    Ohio will not talk to you. A representative from your district finance department will have to talk to ohio payroll for you.

    start with your boss.
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    ...Or why not go to the right spot to get it fixed quickly?

    Call the UPS Employee Service Center toll-free at 1-800-UPS-1508 (1-800-877-1508). This option will allow you to request a copy of your W-2 to be delivered in 7-10 business days via U.S. Mail.

    Go to UPSers.com and obtain the information online. This option will allow you to immediately print your W-2 directly to your printer.

    "all things being equal, the simplest answer is usually the correct one."
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    Just a thought probaly a dumb one, but I once thought mine was wrong, and it was because of the amount taken into the 401k. so line no 1 was different than 3 and 5. You should be so lucky as to have it be that simple.
    Otherwise worldwide had the best answer. Those refunds are like a vacation for your stress when you have kids. Good Luck
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    You guys are right.

    My bad.
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    I tried to find that option too in upsers.com with no luck. In this case she is disputing the amount which probably requires a payroll history.
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    Thanks for the info everyone, but I was part of the down-sizing last year, and do not have a boss at UPS I can talk to. HR in Addison, Illinois told me to call Ohio payroll, which I did. I can still get into UPSers.com, but all that is there is W2 reissue. I know the info is wrong, and I'm not really mad about it, I know mistakes happen, but I'd just like it fixed asap. When I spoke to Tim in Ohio and told him I was a former UPSer, he said 'oh great' in a sarcastic manner, and then passed me off to someone else.
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    I'm all for giving companies the benefit of the doubt, but I would definately call this "Tim in ohio" back and explain your next call is to the IRS if you get more run-around. Get his last name if you can too (not to post here). If they are going to make it too difficult for you to get results, the IRS has slightly different methods which make companies a bit more cooperative.

    Understand, this is YOUR money, YOUR contributions to social security, and YOUR tax refund. You have a legal right to everything you worked for, don't let people disuade you from exercising those rights in favor of following some managerial chain of command. When it comes to federal and state taxes, your chain of command begins at the IRS if you so choose... not some "too busy to help you" manager who is going to pass you off to his subordinates. The fact you've tried working with UPS so far and are seeking other possible routes here is indicative of your willingness to resolve matters at the UPS level. If they are willing, great. If not, the federal government has a system for that too.
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    looks like you were right over 9
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    Use your last paycheck stub then? Then if IRS says anything say. " Well H&R block said I could, and that I have people"

    Tooner ask a question and happen to be the same thing that I was going to ask . Do you have 401k? Inquiring minds want to know.
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    I was just hoping it could be something that simple for her. I kicked myself multiple times when I realized my error. But as a single mother I doubt she was putting 2/3 in a 401k, if she was God loves her.
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    Thanks for the info Tooner. Still, nobody has called me back. Sadly, I had to send in that IRS form today.
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    The reason they aren't calling you back is simple...you put in your many years at UPS, got laid off while the company had their biggest profitable year ever, and now that you're not there you don't exist to them even if they made a mistake on your W2.
    I say sending that IRS form is the only thing that will get them to move their a$$es and fix it.
    A former coworker of mine (who was in TSG and was laid off last year) found a new job and had a chance to get a VERY nice pay raise based on her previous experience working as a field technician...all she had to do was get her former supervisor's signature to say that she was a tech for x number of years. When she emailed him to ask about it, he responded by cutting and pasting the 1-800 number info from upsers.com...she replied, saying that she was well aware of the 800 number but needed his actual SIGNATURE to get this pay raise.
    He didn't respond.
    How hard is it to spend 2 minutes of your day to help out a former employee who has worked with you for many years?? I mean, I know he isn't obligated to do this kind of thing but what's wrong with showing an ounce of kindness? A good example of UPS management..."If it won't increase my salary, help with my bonus or add brownie points with my boss, I want nothing to do with it."
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    Exactly which boxes are wrong.
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    the wages box is incorrect, which makes the taxes and all other boxes wrong. including my 401 k contribution. I'll just let the IRS take care of it. It is a p****r that a place I worked very hard for and made money for treats it's ex-employees like this. I tried to go through the so called 'chain of command', which UPS is so fond of shoving down our throats, but it got me no where. So go ahead IRS, do your thing.
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    who did you talk to in ohio payroll? i know a few folks there....
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    Frankly I think UPSMOM is full of crap!!! I happen to know most of the people in OH payroll and there is no Tim. Secondly if you left that many voicemails how were you getting different extensions? I think you are just an anger bitter person looking to get others p*****off because you couldn't cut it at UPS. What were some of the extensions or names you called or left messages with?
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    ok little miss smarty brown pants. x2219, x7133, x7185, x7117. UPS paid me to leave. Once you get that chance, you run out. I was there over 12 years, and suffice it to say, I've cut it babe. Full of crap? not me, not anymore. Although, you, my little brown spot, are. P****** you off was just a happy unexpected bonus from all this !
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