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    I just checked to see if the hubbies W2 was up on ADP's website. It is there!!! Just wanted to share the info with all the upser's on here. Happy tax season.
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    Glad you are happy what is ADP?
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    ADP is the company that handles the distribution of our W-2s and does payroll for a number of companies. W-2s can be downloaded from their site as of this past Saturday, which is roughly 2 weeks earlier than they will be in our mailboxes. The ADP website can be accessed through upsers.com, under life and career, W-2 reissue. You will need to register with them before downloading your W-2. You can also access prior year W-2s. This is mainly for people (like me) who have all of their tax information ready and are waiting for their W-2 so that they can e-file. I actually used my end of year paystub to prepare my taxes and then waited for the W-2 to verify that the information matched.
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    I too has to re-read the part of "hubbies w2 was up on adp's"
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    we tried to access our w-2 information on the ADP website but we couldn't match the information from last year. Did it give you any trouble.
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    You may have to re-register or simply wait until the 31st for the hard copy to come in the mail.
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    Yes I am having problems getting on to the ADP site also. I tried to ask at work. No one can help. I would love to be able to log on and get my w2 but it keeps saying that i am not authorized to view the page and that it is now included in my security profile. Tried to re register and it said I' m already registered. I know my password and log on are right. I don't know what else to do except wait for the w2 to come in the mail.
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    If you know that you are registered with the ADP website you can email them and have your password reset. They might ask you some security questions to make sure it is you. This is how we reset the password for my husbands account. Here is the email address we sent the email too. adpw2reset@ups.com It states they do check it daily. Hope that helps!!!

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    Got my W-2 in the mail today.
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    got mine yesterday
    moved up a few brackets....