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    just wondering, im not driver certified so im holding a type 4 permit until my license test date which is another week from now. with peak season coming up, volume is rising at my center and theres a shortage of drivers, management asked me to go on road as a helper (i work preload). while on road, the driver (who's also a sup) let's me drive back to the hub for "practice." am i entilted to top-pay versus my regular helper-pay? if so, for how many hours? is this even legal within ups?
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    Not as far as I know,maybe you should just be quiet,it smells like a driving job to me.
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    You do realize that if you get in an accident while driving back your driver/sup will swear on a stack of bibles that you high jacked the truck from him and no way in hell did he "let" you drive.
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    You get driver pay in that jump seat with a sup driving. Stay in the jump seat.
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    I Googled "Type 4 Permit" and the only state that came up was Hawaii. According to the website, the OP is allowed to drive as long as there is a licensed driver in the vehicle. It is the same as when we all first learned how to drive by driving with a parent in the car.

    You do not get driver pay for practice driving.
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    So then it is a driver's permit??? I thought it might be.

    Dude, fo u tell him thanks dad afterwards,Lol. I think its nice of him to let you get practice on a ups truck but isn't that a liability sence u have a Temp licence and is this even permited as strick as we are on who drives.