WAR on Terror should begin here!

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    Interesting. What craftsman they are.:wink2:
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    Has anyone heard about bill HR 645 ? Very nasty stuff.
    It calls for DHS to establish no fewer than six national emergency centers for corralling civilians on military installations.
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    Legislation like that gets passed all the time and in the vast majority of cases, most Americans never even know it. As a result of the civil disturbances of the 1960's, the federal gov't under the US Command of NorthCom created what is known as Opertion Garden Plot. Garden Plot also in some respects was piggybacked onto various civil defense means as a result of cold war tensions. Garden Plot has in more recent times been activated on the most obvious of 9/11 but also the LA riots in 1992'.

    Just some quick reading on the subject if you like.


    Here's just one small example of potential powers that most Americans are not even aware of.


    Rex84 (Readiness Exercise 1984') which is a part of Garden Plot is a model for rounding up large numbers of Americans in case of civil unrest or other national emergency. Miami Herald back during the Reagan years wrote on the topic http://www.noncombatant.org/trove/chardy-shadow-government.pdf and much was exposed during the Iran Contra hearings but most Americans at the time were focused on the politics as the 2 parties played games for political advantage. Congressman Jim McDermott took to the well of Congress and expressed his own concerns in 2003' https://web.archive.org/web/20040226013417/http://www.house.gov/mcdermott/sp030311.shtml

    Sydney Morning Herald in 2002' expressed concerns on this same issue. http://www.smh.com.au/articles/2002/07/27/1027497418339.html Yes, this is from Sydney Australia.

    According to the Washington Post 2006', the US gov't database has 325k plus names and that actual number might be as low as 200k but that being said and with such a large number, would it not seem probable at this point that a plan lay in place to round them up if need be? I think it probable but like the Post asks, how many of the those names are purely innocent people? We've seen the problems of the "no fly" list for many innocent people so it stands to reason (and we all know gov't is so inept at spending our tax dollars right?) this terrorist list may have as many if not more faults with it. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2006/02/14/AR2006021402125.html

    I know the vast majority of people know little if much of these programs and many when they hear of them, think nothing of them and in fact because they fear some external threat, societal radicals in the 60's, global communist menace in the 80's and in our current time, terrorism. Recently you can add economic crisis as it's been documented by several Congressman http://optionarmageddon.ml-implode.com/2008/10/06/martial-law/ that the Bush adminstration threatened the use of martial law if the TARP action didn't take place. Where was their authority for such a statement? Presidential Directive #20 May 9, 2007'

    Most people accept blindly their faith in gov't and to be honest, so far that faith has worked in their minds. To make matters worse, there have been many to proclaim nefarious conspiracy theories surrounding theses actions of gov't and to date, you can argue not much for the average American has changed at all. Conspiracies withstanding, we're still here and for the most part in the same condition which is true. But what happens if we get it wrong very badly in just one election? Some would argue that Bush came very close and still others that Obama shows scary potential but truth is those opinons are driven more out of personal loyalities to political ideals (parties) than real tangible gov't over reach at this point. Nobody has yet to really pull the trigger if you will.

    Humans are a species when lacking in self control are always easily driven (especially when they benefit or overdriven with fear) to excess and history is loaded with the all to often stories of the nightmares of our excess. Manipulate interest rates, lower standards and we excess our way into massive debt that leads to economic bubbles that in time burst and create havoc and diaster. Who's a witch? Who's a jew? Our excesses of the last 500 years alone show our ability to cause our own nightmares.

    Gov't power is no different and the founding fathers, even in their failures understood the potential gov't represented in the form of human excess. Centralizing that power to an unquestionable authority can create a literal "Hell on earth" in the right circumstances. We may have gained greater knowledge and technological prowess in the 200 plus years since our forefathers acted to give us what we have. The scary part is the fact we've lost at the same time, moral foundation and respecting the rights and the person of the other individuals around us. Fear can easily become a powerful force that overwhelms a peoples lacking principle and moral foundation. It is this coupled with these powers granted to gov't that bodes the fact that at some point we will, like the history of man before us, get it badly wrong at election time and this little seen power we flippetly handed over to gov't will come back to haunt us.

    Bush who used the NSA for domestic surrveillance http://rawstory.com/news/2008/Oops_White_House_spokesman_admits_telecoms_0212.html was not by any stretch to be the first. Democrats rallied on Bush but turned a blind eye when their party cahmpion did the same during the 1990's. http://archive.newsmax.com/archives/ic/2005/12/18/221452.shtml Gov't will first and foremost protect itself and like a trapped wolf will if need be sacrifice a limb in the process. We are in many respects that limb but the question comes down to which limb is caught by the teeth of the trap. The more power you allow to gov' to have, the more odds of the trap catching the very limb you are on and then you become expendable to the State. This is the larger danger we face going forward.

    Welfare and Warfare are the health of the State! It's never an either/or proposition.
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    Hezbollah, Radical but Rational

    We frequently hear concerns from U.S. and Mexican government sources about the Iranian and Hezbollah network in Latin America. They fear that Iran would use Hezbollah to strike targets in the Western Hemisphere and even inside the United States if the United States or Israel were to conduct a military strike against Tehran’s nuclear program. Such concerns are expressed not only by our sources and are relayed not only to us. Nearly every time tensions increase between the United States and Iran, the media report that the Hezbollah threat to the United States is growing. Iran also has a vested interest in playing up the danger posed by Hezbollah and its other militant proxies as it tries to dissuade the United States and Israel from attacking its nuclear facilities.
    A close look at Hezbollah reveals a potent capacity to conduct terrorist attacks. The group is certainly more capable and could be far more dangerous than al Qaeda. An examination also reveals that Hezbollah has a robust presence in Latin America and that it uses its network there to smuggle people into the United States, where it has long maintained a presence. A balanced look at Hezbollah, however, shows that, while the threat it poses is real — and serious — that threat is not new and it is not likely to be exercised. There are a number of factors that have limited Hezbollah’s use of its international network for terrorist purposes in recent years. A decision to return to such activity would not be made lightly, or without carefully calculating the cost.

    In recent years, Hezbollah also has become active in Central America and Mexico, the latter being an ideal place for the Iranians and Hezbollah to operate. Mexico has long been a favorite haunt for foreign intelligence officers from countries hostile to the United States, ranging from Nazi Germany to the Soviet Union, due to its close proximity to the United States and its very poor counterintelligence capability. Mexican government sources have told STRATFOR that the ability of the Mexican government to monitor an organization like Hezbollah is very limited. While Mexico has a domestic intelligence capability, it has historically oriented its efforts toward political opponents of the government and not toward foreign intelligence operatives operating on its soil.

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    Man arrested in Edmonton on terrorism charges

    Global News: Wednesday, January 19, 2011 4:36 PM

    The RCMP and FBI arrested a man in Edmonton on Wednesday morning on terrorism related charges.

    Faruq Khalil Muhammad 'Isa, 38, also known as "Faruk Khalil Muhammad 'Isa," "Sayfildin Tahir Sharif," and "Tahir Sharif Sayfildin" is charged with conspiring to kill Americans abroad and with providing material support to that terrorist conspiracy to kill Americans abroad.

    More to come...

    Update: Likely to be expedited to the US, to face sentencing and jail time there.
    He was wanted for setting off a roadside bomb, in Afghanistan or Iraq (not sure now), and killing 5 US soldiers.
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