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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Shift 2, Sep 29, 2018.

  1. Shift 2

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    I received a warning letter for a no scan on my 10th day in my packet for a no scan and I am now on day 29 and just noticed that I did not scan a misload. The warning letter says the next level of discipline Incan be discharge. My question is can I be disqualified from making my 30 days from this situation or is there another level of discipline that can be given before disqualification. I already wrote a grievance on the first warning letter.
  2. Wally

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    Be a kiss arse runner-gunner! They get away with almost anything.
  3. Dulce Bombón

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    Well that means you are not longer used for UPS, they will disqualified you for any single mistake you make. So..fake it until you make it. Well now you reported to the union, meaning you F... Up big time. Uber is always hiring, so you know. Good luck.
  4. R. Mutt

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    Oof. Your steward let you file a grievance before you hit seniority? That's like getting dumped by your wife and mistress the same day. Sorry, bud.
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  5. Indecisi0n

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  6. Richard Harrow

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    How did you file a grievance before you made book?

    Were you PT before you started your 30 days?
  7. Shift 2

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    Yes been with the company for 9 years 5 in unload 3 as a yard shifter and I also went to the stupid ass intergrad class even though I’m cover driving
  8. Shift 2

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    I made 5 days of scratch and I also completed my driver interview. From what I understand that’s all you need to qualify but my supervisor still made me work through my packet I technically qualified on day 24
  9. silverbullet2893

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    You’ll be fine.
  10. BestMgrEver

    BestMgrEver Hot girl summer

    My question is did you deliver the misload? Did you bring it back to the center? Did you get caught?
  11. Shift 2

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    Was told not to deliver Misloads but before I get to the center I had to sheet it up as not in service area because I’m still in my 30 days. So what happened is I sent the misload message at 12 and forgot to sheet it up before I got back to the building but besides that the package was unloaded off the truck when I got to the building
  12. Shift 2

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    I feel like I maybe ok because I’ve been hauling ass I believe I even made a hr of bonus that day also so that would be scratch number 6 I’ve also been under 1 hr of over allow through half my packets besides the days I scratch
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    Good lord. Breathe.
    Punctuation is your friend.

    If you talked to me like that in real life, I'd probably belt you one.
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  14. BestMgrEver

    BestMgrEver Hot girl summer

    You're fine. It would be something different if it was supposed to be delivered. They'll probably talk to you about it but other than that, relax. Next time either 1) take a picture of the label so if you do forget, you can bring the label up in your phone and still sheet it up, 2)keep the package by your personal things like your lunch box or bag, organization is important. 3) sheet it up when you find it.
  15. scratch

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    You sent in a Missload message so that's proof you weren't trying to smoke the package. Not scanning it falls into an integrity issue the way the company looks at it. We have a new Center Manager and she suspends drivers and is trying to fire them them for not recording packages. They are salting our loads now and doing PM audits on our cars trying to catch drivers not scanning now. A couple of drivers have been caught and are now "at home and not working".Management can be dishonest about how missed packages are recorded but not us. You are in your 30 days and are entirely at the mercy of how much your management team wants to keep you.
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  16. Shift 2

    Shift 2 Member

    So is it a good thing that I sent in the misload message ?
  17. Shift 2

    Shift 2 Member

    They’ve been pretty harsh about the no scans lately here too but they actually disqualified someone other day and told him they’ll let him continue driving through peak and restart his packet in January. I just hope they over look this because im already on day 30 that guy was on day 14
  18. barnyard

    barnyard KTM rider Staff Member

    Yes, it can be used to disqualify you. Driver in my center was DQd for a late saver (amongst other things, late saver was the official reason.)
  19. barnyard

    barnyard KTM rider Staff Member

    No you did not. It takes 30 days to qualify. You may have had a good week, but you can flush that all down the toilet the next week.
  20. barnyard

    barnyard KTM rider Staff Member

    We have been going over no scans for the last 2-3 weeks of PCMs. I suspect that my center is very close to have salted loads, followed by some suspensions. We have anywhere from 6-9 missed scans a day, with 40ish routes in.