Was I wrong to ask about promotion?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by btrlov, Jun 10, 2012.

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    For some reason my sup refused to let me progress in the mapp process for ft management.First, he said he will get me through, then He gave me many vague responses including saying "that i must change my perception from the sort manager". Since i have put my intent since october 2011, i began to think that he had no intention of ever completing the evaluation. So when he went on vacation, I approached my sort manager and asked about promotion. He went in to detail about the process, seem to endorse me, and suggested that my ft sup should complete the process.What my ft said and what my sort manager said seem totally different. Then when the sup returned, the sort manager told the ft sup about my promotion. Why did my sup misrepresent the situation?Was I wrong to go over his head to ask the manager?
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    You make your sup look good, he doesn't want to train another monkey. Stop doing such a good job and you'll be promoted sooner, that's how it works around here.
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    that sucks. To be honest i really didn't even think having me gone will make a difference. And just because i did the paperwork doesn't mean, i will acutally be promoted, that may take months or years.I doesn't make sense, I could still be useful, in the meantime.