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    Just wondering, Is there any way to check how many hours you worked in a day/week? I'm pretty sure I've seen other people do it, but when I look on the page where I clock in/out there doesn't seem to be anything that would link to this. I know the SUPS are always :censored2:ing around with people's timecards...
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    There is a way to check your hours through the UPS website. You should check with HR about how to do so. They should be able to show how to look at your hours. Also, if you think the soups are messing with your hours, start writing them down. Write the start time, the hours you've worked ( example 3:00am-9:01am ) and how many hours worked ( example 6 hours and 1 minute ).

    Get the stub at the end of the next week and compare the hours to the stub. If its off, bring it up to your full time as soon as possible. If it isnt fixed; file, file, file.
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    Most supervisors provide an area operations report for review for the employees before/after the shift. It's current up to the previous day's time and and should be in alphabetical order; if your supervisor doesn't put it out for employees to review, start asking for it and bring any discrepancies (ie. supervisor asks you to start up 10 minutes early one day but it's not on the op report) demand it be fixed ASAP.

    While time cards do get altered (my first FT supervisor was notorious for shaving OT and putting the time on the next day's report and eventually got fired when he transferred to a smaller hub and couldn't "hide in the herd") it's not an "every day" type of occurrence. Simply put, UPS (as a company) doesn't want to deal with a nationwide grievance and/or litigation over not paying employees for hours worked and will typically drop the hammer on any supervisor that HR/Loss Prevention catches doing this. That being said, it DOES happen whether intentionally (supervisor shaving hours to look better on numbers) or unintentionally (time clock malfunction, forget to add setup time manually, etc.) and it's your responsibility to keep track of your hours.
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    The time card web page should show you the current total hours for the week - it doesn't break it down day-by-day but gives the total since your last pay period. I'm working from memory, here, since I don't use it.
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    I would be careful with hours, beyond what the OR says.

    What UPS does is gives you a legit O.R. all week long, but then shave time-cards on Friday. For example, my O.R. was fine all week, the week before last week, but they ended up stealing over 1 hour of OT and over two hours regular time. Still no green check..

    Also, I suggest everyone matches their hours worked to the hours they report to the union H/W. I've noticed they have been shorting my hours reported in that fashion, too.
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    Do what feeder drivers are required to do: keep track of your hours to the minute. It's a very simple thing to do.
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    Write down when you clock in and when you clock out as well as any unpaid break that you take each and everyday...UPS shaves time and makes illegal alterations to the electronic timecards....my local does nothing to stop this practice....so UPS keeps doing it and Corporate knows it happens and does nothing either....
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    not true...they don't and make money and profits from allowing it to continue...UPS has software that tracks all changes to electronic time, when where and who did it and they do quarterly audits on those reports...they still very rarely will do anything and that is usually for something else to...
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    I thought the company only paid benefits on the first 40 hours per week.
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    I don't know why the DIAD doesn't show the paid day in a screen. Would be a pretty good update.