We are going to Orlando, then on to Brooksville.

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    Yes, we are going to be adventurous (or nuts) and take our 7,4, and 2 year olds to Orlando before seeing my father in law in Tampa. Last time we flew into Orlando, my father-in-law was driving us. He knew which roads to take to bypass the toll roads.
    How much are the toll fee's around Orlando?

    Anyone have recommendations on places to eat?

    Sure, we are going to see the attractions, but it would be nice to go to the "regular" places too.
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    I think the tools are $1 or $2.As for eating,I could go on forever about what to eat in Disney but outside we eat at Olive Garden, Longhorn,Outback,you know,the usual. But I'm nobodys hero.
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    If you leave the airport going toward Orlando (north exit) do not get on the beach line, Rt 528 (used to be named the beeline). Pass it and take a left at the first traffic light. Follow that road to the end (you can wave at the folks paying the 75 cent toll on you left). At the end, turn left and stay in the left lane making the turn onto Rt 528 west. It is still a toll road there but if you still want to beat the system get off the first exit (no toll and it eliminated two traffic lights). Proceed about 3 or 4 miles on Sand Lake Rd to John Young Parkway and make a left there (if my memory is correct this avoids 2 - 50 cent tolls). You will go about a mile and pick up Rt 528 west again. From there to Interstate 4 there are no tolls. I do this when I'm not in a hurry but honestly the $1.75 is more of an annoyance than a big cost to bear. If you are staying on International Drive the is a good place for breakfast - First Watch. It is just west of I Drive on Sand Lake Rd. Just east of I Drive also on Sand Lake Rd is Fishbones, a very good seafood place. It is only a couple of hundred yards from I Drive on the North side. They have a great pork chop dish too. Enjoy your stay in our hot & humid part of the country.
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    And if you are looking for a cheap but good buffet (young ones eat either free or very cheap) there is one across the street from the holiday in on international drive. While there for several days at a time, never had anything but good food, both breakfast and lunch.

    Im with Traveler on this one too. Unless you want to spend time tooling around, take the toll road. It should save you much more time than the money is worth.

    That should cut down on at least 250 are we there yet's:w00t:

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    I appreciate your help.
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    Hi Rushfan,

    We are bringing our small tribe over in the Fall. My wife and I have been over to Florida a few times now.

    Our favorite places to eat must be Perkins and the Waffle House for Breakfast, the Waffle House seems to be quite basic but we have eaten in them all over Florida and NEVER been unhappy.

    We tend to skip lunch but for Dinner WOW the Outback is great for steak love those dark dinner rolls too. Others we enjoy include...Damon's for ribs, Uno for a Chicago style pizza but they have some good grills too.

    We have always stayed on I Drive but we are venturing to Kissimmee this year (one of the L.P. Managers over here has a house, he has kindly allowed me to rent). If you are out this way and you find any gems I would sure love to hear from you.

    We wish you and yours a safe happy vaccation

    Ade & Tribe

    :w00t: SCREEM IF YOU WANNA GO FASTER :scared: :devil:
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    Just got back. We had a heck of a time. Saw Orlando, then we went to see the other part of Florida that tourists don't see. One of the best vacations we had. One caution:
    We were late to make a connection (due to aircraft mechanical) and they wanted our children 7,4,2.5 split up between strangers. We walked off the plane. The flight attendant told me I should have told people to move for us. I promptly responded, "Are we Southwest employees" She got pissed. I spoke with the station manager and said our daughter of 2.5 had to sit on my lap when we paid for a seat for her. The station manager said, "It's neither Southwest's or your fault". I think I'll send a letter to Southwest's corporate office (like that will help) and the FAA (safety issue)

    I don't expect much, but when employees of a company tell me to do their job, that pisses me off. I thought about our customer service skills as drivers compared to theirs, and their's sucks. Where is customer service these days? And I'm not an old fart.
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    "And I'm not an old fart."

    rushfan.....I think the reason us "old farts" complain so much is that we have taken bad service in stride for so many years that it's finally time to "speak up" before it's too late.

    I've gotten an "attitude" over the past few years. I say it out loud and I don't care who hears me!! Proud to be an old fart !!

    By the way....glad you had a good vacation once you made it to Florida. :)
  9. ade34

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    I totaly agree with these comments, if as consumers we accept poor service who is the winner? Not us... take the time to complain but not to the complaints department or as so many companys call it 'customer service' PMSL. No I go higher look who is on the board and send a letter to a few of them ask them the questions and where possible use the advertising they use to promote just show good they are against them. While asking do you think this level of service is what you advertise? Never allow them to Fob you off too.

    This has had the desired results in the past...

    Failing that the tabloid press is always looking for a way to dig at a national or even better multinational company.

    Happy Complaining