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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by speeddemon, Sep 6, 2005.

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    I was watching some news coverage today on FOX, and they were showing some of the BlackHawk helicopters taking food and water to people in the remote counties of Mississippi. On the side of one of the helicopters, written in big, white letters was, "UPS...We Deliver!" .......fedex....Whos your DADDY?![​IMG]
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    local news here showed a convoy of tractor trailers sending out relief supplies, there were 43 tractors involved and each time they showed film of it there were 2-3 UPS rigs and nothing from fedex and they also interviewed one of the men in brown that was making the journey. The departure for this convoy was out of Vt. Another big atta boy for the folks in brown..
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    Oprah thanked FedEx for their help today, no mention of UPS.

    Mike, Scott... anyone home?
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    In the grand scheme of things, Oprah is a dust mite's belly button!
  5. I have just returned from the disaster area after been there for 5 days and after retireing from Brown just a few weeks ago, I was glad to see all the Brown trucks delivering the goods there.It has been a long time since I unloaded a trailer, but sure did not mind this time.Tne television cannot start to show the real picture, one has to see for himself.It is truley a mess.Continue to pray for them.
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    Susie....I dont have to have some star thanking me to know I make a difference.
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    You're just watching the wrong Tv. Get the big picture sweetie.