Week number 5 messed up check.

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  1. Hello there everyone, brand new user and it's great to be in this community. This is a wealth of information for a noob that I desperately need. Shout out to all Upsers and Teamsters who give a hoot near and far from the local 177 Pacific Northwest Region.

    Anyways I've been at UPS for a year and a half and just started Saturday Air Driving at my year anniversary. I've been getting paid without incident until 5 weeks ago.

    Out of no where the hours I worked on Saturday stopped appearing on my check to the point of standing over my supervisors shoulder as the adjustments are made. It's happened without fail every week for the last month, and now week 5.

    Reconfirmed via checking my paystub and it happened again. I love my bosses, but this is brutally pissing me off. My question is would this be worth filing a grievance over, and if so whom should I file it against?

    I've never had to file a grievance but honestly I'm so tired of working for free I'm about ready to go the Board of Labor. Any advice would be monumentally helpful and beyond appreciated. Thank you in advance,

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    Perhaps you have been terminated but nobody told you the "glitch" was fixed?
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    Have you got paid any of those weeks yet? What are they saying is causing the problem? Do you go to your OMS on Saturday and see if everything is put in right?

    You could always ask for a green check, that usually puts a stop to any underage.
  4. Thank you for the reply upschuck, yeah I had to stand on my boss's neck but we got them "adjusted". It was all cool for a week and then this week it went right back to it. They said maybe because I'm on the Twilight sort that there's a loss of information? That sounds rather unrealistic considering I haven't had issues until recently. All the info in the OMS was correct oddly enough, and considering how heavily taxed green checks are I wanted to file a grievance to counterbalance the deductions.
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    They are taxed no differently in the end.
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    I inform the sup before the end of the pay period so that the adjustment is reflected on the following check. I give them this one opportunity as a courtesy. I could technically have my steward present when I inform them of the error, but I'm a nice guy. If no adjustment is made, grievance and possible penalty pay depending on the amount owed. This is why you pay dues.
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    They're lying to you. It's a different day, so there is no loss of information. Make sure you have the right employee ID and name in your DIAD. Otherwise something fishy is going on. But not necessarily the sup. One of our air drivers basically had to threaten to call the labor department before payroll finally fixed an error on their end.
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    File. Don't say anything after you do. If you do not get paid in a couple of days. Let the grevience "cook"

    The temperature it cooks at is 1.7hr of over time every week you don't get paid. Playing nice guy with your check doesn't get the problem fixed in a prompt manner. A grevience will

    I played nice guy with this issue many times and it never got fixed, then I filed and all of a sudden I was a problem causer. O well I was a problem child but a paid problem child