Welcome To the Darkside Helen Thomas!

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, Jan 11, 2010.

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    In this case I think the answer brennan gave was right on point, poor helen she has completely lost her mind. :happy-very:
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    Tie & mac,
    I believe Helen was pressing and hoping that the response would have been --"It is Bushes fault" Reality is finally settling in ---we have been at war with radical Islam for generations ---wheter we knew it or not:sad-little:
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    It's a simple question with a simple answer...Why ? What motivates the Terrorists ?

    Historic retention is rare around here...Greenwald simplifies the answer for you guys. And this time store it in your memory banks...:peaceful:

    "It's true that religious fanaticism is a part of their collective motivation, but why can't he just say what's so obviously true: "they claim that the U.S. is interfering in, occupying and bringing violence to their part of the world, they cite things like civilian deaths and our support for Israel and Guantanamo and torture, and claim that their terrorism is in retaliation"?
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    Sounds like the same ol same ol from you. Of course America has bought this on to themselves !!!!!
    Gee --- Wait don't you dare say that I belong to the blame America crowd.
    I lost a brother in law in NYC sept 11 TH ----I am now justified to blow up some Arab building ??? I think not.
    If you listen to good old Bin LAden --His own words--hates us for what we are --hates our freedoms--we are dirty infidels.
    You clearly want to simplify a very complex situation. The world continues to look to us after the English empire and the U.N totally screwed up the middle east -----all of our time put into peace-Presidents --Democrat and Republican with peace plan after peace plan--the foreign aid both in blood and treasure . They have warred with each other for centuries ---even if they blow us from the face of the earth --they will still fight.
    But yet people still believe the USA is the root problem :dead:
    This is as old as "I inherited this from BUSH" --theres an idea --just what Helen wanted to hear --It is Bushes fault. ?????
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    Let me ask you one simple question....do you think the US would have any interest in a desert thousands of miles away without oil ?

    It was not Bin Laden, you must be lost in translation Island....It was Bush who says the terrorist "hate us for our fredoms"...that's something Sarah Palin would quote....lol

    And speaking of the English....Do you feel Jefferson and the rest of our Founding Fathers aren't turning in the graves watching their country act like Ole' England intervening country after country. After 8 years of Bush and Cheney, I don't think the World approves of this niether. How do you believe the World is looking to us for anything, except humanitarian or business partners....
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    The next time you fill up that motorcycle --you are a consumer ---that is mainly what we are guilty of --also --Please if we were like many of the "old empires " --We certainly would not be buying oil ---there would be no OPEC ---- We would own it ???
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    You beat me to it!



    Consider Chalmers Johnson


    Who is Chalmers Johnson ?
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    Jim jimmy James: I agree with all of that.
    I always said, they are a few hundred years behind (like old Europe - let them fight it out for themselves) Look at the EU now ! Totally united !!!

    Anyways.... just because America has the power, and weapons.... shouldn't mean they need to become the world police !

    I heard , many on here. (like Teaguy), saying the UN is useless.
    No, they only interfere when totally neccesary ! And, thats the way it should be !

    This latest bomber , on xmas day... he made it to Amsterdam... he could have blown up the plane there, to teach the Dutch a lesson.
    Nope, they aren't a target !
    The USA is.

    And, it's not out of jelously or anything like that.
    Just the simple reason, you don't let people live , like they want to live.
    It's time for the USA to take a more background approach, and operate more within the UN , Nato... then do things on thier own.
    It will only come back to haunt you, if you keep that up.
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    Kmac and JJ, Island's mind is made up.

    Anyone who points out the truth behind WHY and WHAT motivates America's foes, is catergorized by Island as the "Blame America" crowd.

    We are guilty of being consumers, well so is China, Russia, India and Brazil. I don't see those countries occupying land in the Middle East....Nor do I see them in support of Israel's ilegal expansion.....
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    You may be right D but then you never know what the future holds!

    Touching and interesting story all in one IMO.

    BTW D, here's something that you, Jim and a few others here might find of interest. Thanks to Strike The Root for this.
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    Assuming your answer is correct then I guess Indonesia also did something to these same terrorists as well as spain and egypt etc. These are all excuses to justify a lust that these people have to justify their brand of murderous activity.

    You should learn to join the world effort against this brand of murder rather then always trying to defend their actions.

    Helen got the right answer many times but the stupid old bag was too dumb to know it. Someone needs to put the senile old broad in a old folks home before she really does something stupid like piss herself. :happy-very:
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    You'll be happy to know that Bush is no longer president and that your messiah has picked up where Bush left off. When You're done kissing the unwashed rears of these terrorists you may want to direct your anger to the great O.
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    His motorcycle does not have sails on it? Diesel is supporting the proliferation of the middle east? Now I'm confused:surprised:
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    Like you have a very open mind!!!:happy-very:
    These problems are extremely complex. Our freedoms and American ingenuity have created the most powerful nation on earth. Unfortunately this success has been built on a foundation of oil.
    While we have not "taken" the oil as many old empires would have -and Liberals claim we have--we buy it.
    To make sure our "lifeblood" continues to flow we have done many things --some good some bad --but bottom line we are only a consumer.
    Now for Klien and Diesel who believe we should "mind our own business"
    You people are the first to say no drilling at home , no nuclear power etc etc.
    If we just pulled out of the middle east ---the "barbarians " --yes I said barbarians would destroy the natural resources for which we are absolutely dependant on. So all of us can live in poverty the way they do--except for the real villians --the rich Arabs that do not share the wealth with their own people.
    The liberals want it both ways --ignore the problems --be a tree hugger --but when you cannot heat you home nor drive your car or Diesel your motorcycle --what happens then.
    It would be great for the world to live in peace --but you have to deal with the realities.
    I also laugh --the liberals ask "Why are we involved in an Iraq civil war?"
    In the next breath --"We should send troops to stop the civil wars in AFRICA" ?????
    Just like all the dopey hollywood people -running over to Africa to feed the starving people --because they are so cool and trendy --what good people ---yet they are blind the the millions of children starving right there in good old LA ????????? If we leave the middle east --I would love to see these dummies going to the oscar's on bicycles rather than the huge limos --that they preach to us about:happy-very:
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    Actually you are wrong again. It was Bin Laden that wants to spread sharia law. He has openly called for people to overthrow governments that do not implement sharia law not your boggie woman Sarah Palin.
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    The truth of the matter is, nations that produce oil need to sell it as much as we need to buy it.

    When America stops unconditionally supporting Israel, pulls our troops out of the Middle East, and stops meddling in their internal affairs, there will be peace.

    I have a hunch that we would also have cheaper energy prices.

    I have seen the enemy and he is us.
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    Your solution to achieve peace would at least require the total destruction of Israel. There would be no peace as long as Israel exists.
  20. JimJimmyJames

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    Maybe we could just stop giving Israel a blank check to do whatever they want.

    But, in order to save our collective typing fingers, if you think Israel is not culpable at all in what befalls them, we really do not need to discuss the issue further.

    I abhor terrorism, but the current policies of Israel will only lead to more of it. And our unconditional support will lead to guilt by association.