Welcome To The Lower Class

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    Ground drivers have been unable to enter the middle class from the get-go, but Express is now shooting for the same goal. Even if we get some sort of piddly raise in March, it will have already been eaten-up by our much higher insurance premiums and less hours (in many locations). I've read several examples on this site of Express couriers who now qualify for some form of public assistance, which used to be exclusively Ground territory. Nice.

    Be prepared for a sob story in March. Per Ricochet1a, Express is forecasting a 1-2% loss in business from the December box-tossing incident. Add-in already flat Express volumes. Think they will use that against us? Fred just went on a shopping spree for new planes over at the Boeing Store, and the new PowerPads are highly defective. Even if the manufacturer fixes them, Fred will pretend that FedEx will have to foot the bill. Anything to make it seem like we are foundering and ready to go under at any minute. New vehicles, planes, stations, political payoffs, "reinvest in the business for long-term growth"....blah,blah, blah. Sound familiar? Oh, and don't forget to have that new Siberian caviar on my next flight to DC, OK?

    This has been the strategy now for quite awhile. Paint a picture of gloom and doom, and push all of the costs onto the employee, even if they are simply the costs of doing business. The delivery business (notice I didn't say airline business) is always capital-intensive. Planes, vehicles, and a worldwide infrastructure are expensive. But guess what? We are still making money.

    Don't fall for it, and expect little in March. Whatever we do get, count-on it being taken away in some other form.

    We are continually moving backwards in our "careers" if you can even call it that any more. Courier work used to be middle-class, and if you worked some overtime, you might even be able to get ahead. No longer. The new plan has our wages and benefits being constantly reduced on an overall basis. Even if your hourly rate rises, the takeaways and lower hours mean less income and a lower standard of living.

    Fred, thank God you are now our Dear Leader. You can now take your rightful place as the replacement for the recently departed North Korean dictator. You keep your people in poverty and in the dark as to their true reality. I despise the space you occupy upon this Earth. Maybe your room in the hot place will be next door to your North Korean idol.
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    Tell em brother.
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    Probably won't be long before Fred tries to phase out full-timers that are at top of range in pay.

    Part-time hours, crappy insurance and sub-mediocre (at best) wages = WalMart On Wheels.
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