Welcome to Wikicountability.

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    Welcome to Wikicountability.

    Wikicountability is a repository for Freedom of Information Act requests and other legally obtained official documents. This wiki is community contributed and community edited. The site is a project of Crossroads GPS, founded for the purpose of publicly sharing information obtained through FOIA and other important reports, documents and analyses.

    You must register to be a contributor. It is Wikicountability’s policy not to solicit or knowingly accept for publication documents which disclose information that is classified, legally privileged or subject to the established statutory exceptions under FOIA.

    The Wiki Spotlight highlights noteworthy discoveries from documents obtained through FOIA.
    The 'most transparent administration in history'?

    • Our Transparency Accountability page tracks how the administration is handling requests for information, and holds those in charge accountable for their failures to live up to their promise.

    • Our Obama Administration FOIA Violations page tracks requests that have not been answered in 20 working days, the requisite timeline for responses.
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    Interesting website. The Andy Griffith Obamacare ad cost 3.6 million...nice.:angry: