Well thats it, we are teamsters

Discussion in 'UPS Freight' started by slaveof18wheels, Apr 7, 2008.

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    Yes, we are Teamsters now. Been with UPS Frieght since the begining and Overnite for 26 and now we will see if this is better. Remember things are always changing. This is a big one and if it wasn't this, I am sure UPS would and was already implimenting changes that we would not be happy with. As i heard the saying we have to choose the one that will screw us less. More money, time and a half after 8 (finally bringing us up to the rest of the working world), better health costs for retiree's. Let just see how this goes and move forward. You can bet the younger people should have it better on the next contract with the full power of all the 3 legs (parcel frieght, supply chain) together.
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    Ho rah Teamsters. Lets see how next 5 years work out.
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    We are going to be going through our growing pains as Union members as well as management going through their growing pains at managing Union members.
    It's going to be a fun 5 years! Let's just all play by the rules and we will all work in harmony and continue to blast the competition away as Union members.
  4. what about o/o's? they union now as well?
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    O/o cant be union!
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    So has anyone heard how this will effect the relationship bewteen parcel and freight? Maybe get to borrow equipment or SHARE facilities? Anything???
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    +$4.35 has to be a good start
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    I think its great that you are now union, as far as sharing equipment etc....I think in the short haul, you will be seperate and I think the two (Package/Freight) will have to see where they fit in the grand scheme..Good Luck
  9. deece2142

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    I have to say to the 4.35 an hour over five years? Thats almost .60 a year. Gotta say we should have held out for more.