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    Could anyone tell me if the UPS benefits require me to purchase the Medicare plan part "D"? Basically part "B" is required. I know it's not "required" but they treat your benefits as if you have part B. The part B dings your SS check for almost $100 a month. If we are "required" to take the part "D", that will take another big chunk out of your SS check. tks.
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    Re: Retirement benefits.

    Were you a Union employee and your insurance is funded by Teamsters?

    Were you management and is your insurance funded by the UPS Retirement Insurance Plan?

    We need this before an answer can be determined.

    Most retirees fade away from this site before they turn 65 but there are a few hanger oners.
  3. kellisday

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    Re: Retirement benefits.

    I was a Union employee (Western Conference) and my insurance benefits are through UPS. tks.