What a intersting and dissapointing 2 days.

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    So yesterday my sup comes over to one of the loaders across from me and she tells him to get his boxes in the package car and he did not say anything and waved her off. She came back about 30 min later after seeing a pile of 30 boxes and told him to go home for not working as directed. She accused him of holding up the belt and all that. He starts to yell and curse at her about it and does not go home and she leaves. Few min later the higher up sup comes over and takes to him friendly ask what the problem is and he explains it just way to many packages and they to big that if he puts them in the truck he wont be able to get in. He said you can bring her back if you want so I can yell at her some more. She just says do what you have to do then and walks off.
    Where was the steward? He is on vacation.

    I come back later that day to talk to my center manager and the sup say that is not going to happen. I ask why and she said he was fire shortly after we left. Apparently he tried to make us look better then we was. Then I come in and got the official announcement he was let go.

    Then today all week I was told I was doing good and had no misloads or anything. I was in the office today to fill out a safety assessment. She said I get distracted when I talked well I barley talked so what that hell. It said I am blacking pathways and leaving stuff on the belt. Well yea that is true but what do you expect when I get 1500 packages, 5 cars, a belt you refuse stop for anything, when it does stop its right back on becaues the sup turns it on, and a belt that is moving a little to fast. I am not the only one doing it other are struggling just like me including the vets.

    After that I was told I was being let go for to many misload in my probationary period. One of the vets came in and she said to him you have 40 misloads this month and that was more then me. I think it was a little unjust that she never gave me a chance to do unload. She put me on there for 2 days several weeks ago and expected me to me the full number witch for the most part is never going to happen and it takes a little time. She said I gave you a chance there but you was moving to slow. Yet the newer guys coming are getting put on unload or nights giving them a better chances and they are either getting more help then me or moving slower.

    So I asked if I can quiet on good terms instead becaues I wanted to drive seasonally or move some place to do full time driving. Only reason I took preload was they said they needed the help and seasonal will be opening soon. She told me it depends on how HR does it. I called HR and they say it depends how the sup enters it. If you are let go for misloads it negative for you. Well its not like I was doing it intentionally.

    The irony of this is she started out on preload 3 months ago and she was so bad they asked her to be a sup instead of letting her go. As for back a the 15+ year vets can remember I would be the first one let go and not quiet.
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  2. Orion Syndicate

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    PT Sups can fire you?! You should've done what that other guy did and cuss her out till she leaves you alone!

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    I still don't see where my misloads come from. center manager was in the truck and he said everything was perfect. Then when crap hits the fan and the drivers are helping then I think that is where it happens. Just yesterday a driver loaded a huge package and put it in the wrong truck. He noticed it right before he left when he was trying to shut his door.
    She told me she was in the truck yesterday and saw them but did not bother to even point them out.

    I am on my 19th work day there so I don't get much help in keeping my job there. I just don't get why I was the only new hire singled out. The guy hired a week before me started unload and was moved to scan. He never loaded a truck. The 3 new guys they hired last week they get to unload.
    They are moving slower then I was and I was removed for being to slow.
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    so are you officially fired?
  5. Orion Syndicate

    Orion Syndicate 90% or lose a limb. (limb is user choice!)

    Talk to your steward, if drivers were loading when you got hit with misloads then you should be able to get those discarded since they cant prove who loaded a misload if multiple people are loading the truck. If you need proof whenever a driver has to help load his truck we have to code it as skilled load in our diad, so there should be a way to verify that as well, good luck!

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    I was still in my 30 day and the steward was on vacation. I am pleading with them to just wright me off as quieting on good terms so I can seasonal drive when they need them. It either that I am going to file a corporate complaint for the hell of it. They also act like I am trying to cost them money well nothing new there.

    Yea so I get some misloads and they give me more trucks and more packages and refuse to even move me. She said she can prove it was me but I say just becaues it got scanned does not mean I got the chance to load it. When all the packages are out there is still about 50 or more that needs to be loaded.

    She says she was in my truck and found the misloads. So why did she not pull them out? They want to complain it and how big of a issue it was but they did nothing about it. You would think if they had the chance to correct it they would. Some days we get over 20 to 40 misloads for the whole facility but the drivers are not trading with each other. Even better idea would be to get some of the people who almost do nothing or a new hire to look for misloads and help out.

    When we got the official news of are center manager getting fired one of the guys come in asked how far are they going. Implying they should have got ride of her to and in the back of my mind they fired the wrong person or the ones how let the crap go on. I was told that she was the worse loader ever and also the worse sup ever.

    She was complain about packages still being on the belt or not in the cars or in the path way. Well not much we can do about it when everyone is misloading and missing packages that I have to pull off. Well crap hire more help or stop the belt when it needs to be stopped and stop turning it back on when we turn it off.

    I say the only thing good that might come from this is one of the preloader knew my uncle via when they was in HS. He heard about what happen and knew I wanted to drive. Well saw him today told him what happened he informed me is in the board of directors for the county and said he would give me a job with the county if I want. On the side from preload and the county board of directors he seasonally drives fro UPS. He told me he might steeping down to let me drive seasonally. He was a little upset they lied to me becaues I was told they need seasonal drivers but after I was hired they deiced lets just hire full timers instead.
  7. bleedinbrown58

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    Another one bites the dust....see ya.
  8. 1000RR

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    Preload sucks, did it for a year and said to hell with it. Twilight is much better.
  9. PT Car Washer

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    Only good thing about the preload is the chance to double shift on it. $45/hr and let the Art22.3 do the loading.
  10. BigBrownDream

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    Nice grammar Cyrex. America's public school system is doing a knockout job of pushing kids through these days....
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  11. geored

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    Women bosses are either really good or really really horrible

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  12. PT Car Washer

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    I have had both. They are either Angels or Nazis supervising at a death camp.
  13. Go Brown Or Go Home!

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    Try to ask to go to a different dock or talk to hr about going to a different pull. Or those sups have it out for you and you dont have a chance which really sucks!

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  14. Cyrex

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    Sorry to disappoint but I suffer from learning problems with English. I graduated 7 years ago and even after college still have problems with it. I never advanced to normal English classes or my teacher had to work with me.. Then you are also assuming I was born and raised in America to begin with. While you right about this, it is not always the case.

    One of the guys said that most of the time they let probationary people go to twilight or keep them at unload. I was also told that 80% of the drivers never did preload. One of the new drivers they got he looks pretty young admitted he never even loaded before. At least he came in early and helped load. Most of are drivers are there a hour before start to help out.

    I got that felling from day one right after I was told they need a seasonal drivers and then 2 days later told not going to happen . Apparently we was in a college class together and I don't remember her after that she had been negative to me. I also had the felling I was being used from the get go. They needed loaders but had no plans to keep them. One of the loader was talking to one of the sups about picking old people or some one for a job. Then hooping they would quiet or get some one and cut them just so they can cover peoples vacations.
    She knew that I took this job only to seasonal drive and was looking for other options since there was closed.

    She said she was not going to move me and HR was no help. Sure they got my job back the first time but was told it all up to the center manager and sups to move me or not.
  15. gorilla75jdw

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    I didn't understand a word of the opening thread .

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  16. bleedinbrown58

    bleedinbrown58 ahhh....the mouth breathers

    More hours on preload...at least in my building.
  17. Indecisi0n

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    Is she good looking?
  18. Re-Raise

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    I don't see you in a driver position , if you can't take the boxes off the belt and put them in the back of the package car correctly. There is a reason that one of those jobs pays about $10 an hour and the other pays about $34 on hour. I have done both for many years.
  19. jaker

    jaker trolling

    It doesn't matter what we say now , he gone from ups already and got fired by a PT sup with no union rep

    So even if he tries to fight I bet they say he walked off the job
  20. DumbTruckDriver

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    Cyrex, you sound like someone who blames everyone else for his problems. Drivers are causing your misloads? Makes sense. I can't tell you how many times I've thought, "gee, I wish I had some other driver's packages."
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