What a screwy system.

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    My buddy got called to go driving in January and had to quit his FT job at Lowes (Driving is his ultimate goal, much more money)... So he quits Lowes and goes to driving school. They have been playing this layoff thing with him and sending him back to the hub. They basically over hired. So now he can't afford his car payment and rent and basically SOL.

    Wow, I really feel for him.
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    I'm not surprise lol typical move...
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    It sounds as though your friend is a casual driver, which means he is not guaranteed to work every day. Yeah, it sucks, but we have all been there and eventually he will be FT.
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    It ain't really a "screwy system". It's more like the nature of the business. Jan thru, maybe April, is traditionally slow for UPS. What?

    Well, depending on the area, no peak volume. Sure, some areas are hit by shippers during Valentines, Presidents, or other days, but typically most of U.S. is in a slow shipping condition.

    Didn't your friend's hirers explain that to him? Yeah, I know, they didn't to me either. Well, didn't he talk to you or anybody else about the "system"?

    Well, as Upstate said, tell him to hang in there (if he wants the job, that is) and he will GET there. It DOES take time, tho.
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    Time to find a rich divorc`ees.
    Lots of luck it will suck for a few years.


    Unfortunately it is common practice. I work 2 and 3 pt jobs til i made it full time 7 years later