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    I've been at UPS part time in PA for 2 1/2 years working the local sort at night. I was hired as a carwasher, but helped unload when needed. Last spring I lost the carwashing to the new combination jobs. The new jobs went to two full time drivers. Next, they trained me to shift trailers, as the guy doing it wanted to come inside. After a month, they gave the job back to him. He has less seniority than me. In January I was trained for high value audits. This past monday they took me off that and are training two international and one revenue auditors to do that job. They just joined the union as a result of the new contract. My shop steward say's nothing can be done. Is this true? I've contacted the union in all three instances and was told they can do nothing. Any suggestions? At 43, I don't want to unload feeders for the rest of my life. Driving package car is not an option.
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    I don't know, but if it were me, I would consider the jobs you have been trained in as skills, as sort of tools in my tool box, making me a more valuable employee than those without those skills.
    You will find that the more skills you posses in life, the more rewarding your life becomes.
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    I don't have a problem with learning new skills, but I do have a problem with them taking a job away from me and giving it to people with less seniority. Especially when the contract states that seniority shall prevail at all times and the union doesn't want to back me up.
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    file a grievance and make the union work for you. that is what you pay dues for.
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    vette...the last line of your post" You will find that the more skills you posses in life, the more rewarding your life becomes"..Did you get that from a fortune cookie??? I dont think that applies to what Flunkie is asking. All those "tools" are not helping his 43 year old back from unloading feeders.
    If your looking for a way out of the unload,going to the union may not be the best way. Stirring up trouble may lead to a permant postion in unload pergatory. I would just wait until I got another chance at some other work assignment and make sure i did really well at it. You might stick there.
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    My reference to "tools" dosen't pertain to only job skills at UPS. If you have skills in plumbing, electrical work, auto repairs, musical talents, financial analysis, relating to other people, or whatever else you can think of, you will be of greater value to yourself, family, and friends.
    I would think someone who uses logic in their name would understand that simple concept.
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    I tried the union. They were no help. I had to tell them what articles and sections of the contract pertained to my situation. It worries my that the union that represents me is unfamiliar with the contract they are trying to enforce. Ups vette makes a typical management statement. Translated, it means, if you don't like what you're doing, there's the door. Unfortunately, unloading trucks is a skill I learned early in life, not a new one. The high value audit was a preferred position and should not have gone to anyone with 2 months seniority, let alone auditors that just joined the union due to the new contract.
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    From the tone of your remarks, it's evident that your name fits you. From your union representatives attitude towards you, they seem to agree.
    As all flunkies believe, you believe all management has the attitude of "if ya don't like it, there's the door". How sad it must be for you to live your life with everyone against you. How sad to live with no marketable skills and be forced to work at evil UPS, with all the evil management.
    Feel free to respond with "YOUR TRANSLATION" of what I just said.
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    Flunkie...go to another shop steward instead and if that doesn't work go over their heads and call the local union office. I'd back out of any arguement on the board because all it will be is you being told in many different ways to suck it up or hit the door. So yeah you are right about that part. You'll also be judged by people based on their interpretations of how they think each and every employee should be like and that is usually based on their own personal experience with a lack of understanding that not everyone walks the same exact path that they have through UPS. It's not just management people that do that. That is a sure thing I can tell you. Just ignore it and try what I said and go else where instead of wasting your time and dues (assuming that you pay dues) on that union rep. Unless you work in a UPS like mine you should have others to choose from.
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    UPS Vette. Why Are you so hostile? I'm not attacking you personally. I just know how our UPS management works. They have told several people that if they're not happy with things they can quit. They have 200-300 applications a month for jobs. As for the unions attitude towards me, It's that way for everyone in our local. Our current representation tries to avoid confrontation with the company by having the rank and file argue they're own defense while the union rep stares at the floor. As for my marketable skills. I have many and use them as I see fit. I don't see all of UPS as evil, but our local center is another story. Even our regional office has made comments about our operation and it's managemeent. They just don't do anything about it. Morale in our building is low and basically no one cares anymore.
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    Hey guys, isn't about time that us "UPS" workers leave the teamsters and start our ouw union. This is for the birds. Anyone who agrees with this reply to this post with just a "Yes"
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    Vette I understood your quip just fine, but it lacked a logical interaction with Flunkies cry for help. How would the "tool" of being a high value auditor make your life more rewarding???? That is one of flunkies tools.
    When I read your post Vette I thought I heard Bette Midler's "you are the wind beneath my wings" playing in the back ground. He doesnt need a big hug .He needs answers.
    As for your snippy remarks to Flunkie about how you precieve he feels toward managment....well.....you could use a new "tool" in your life called people skills.
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    Gee...You give such great advice, You're telling him to "shut up and just do it, don't make waves, HOPEFULLY something MAY come up.
    If that's your defination of peoples skills, you really conforted him with that advice.
    By the way, have you seen anyone about your hearing music playing in your head? Next it will be voices, and we all know where that can lead. I mention this because of my concern for you and your mental health.
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    In his case creating waves is not going to get him any where, but stuck unloading freeders. His best bet is to wait until UPS needs one of those "tools" he has aquired. In his case it is smarter to keep his mouth quiet and get what he wants then to spout off without the union backing him up and be stuck in the unload. Sound logical advice from 17 years with UPS.
    And again he isnt looking to be comforted. Pregnant women need to be comforted,greiving parents for those killed in Iraq need to be comforted. Flunkie needs to find away out of the unload and if the Union cant help him then any other approach would be sophmoric at best.
    I see that your still missing that "tool" from your tool box of life. How unrewarding that must be......see how stupid that sounds.
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    Upslocal480. Thanks for the advice. I have another steward that is on my side and willing to help me out, but the problem lies with the local. The head of our local doesn't seem to want to get to involved. I need to go over his head, but haven't found out who to cantact yet. In developing news, they decided to train me on customer counter. This was to start tuesday 4/1. "April Fools" that didn't happen. Thursday they come back to the feeder I'm unloading and tell me to go do high values. Same thing friday night. I asked my sup if this was permanent or just for those nights. She didn't know. The center manager and his second had already left the building. I can't help but wonder, what's next.
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    flunkie: if your local doesn't want to get involved, there is a good chance it is because you don't have a grievance.

    The other steward that "is on your side" probably doesn't know what the BA knows, but will get educated really fast when he tries to do something!

    If you don't get any satisfaction from your BA, all locals have a President that you can go to for advice.

    I don't know how positive your work environment is within your district, but have you asked to talk with the UPS District Labor Manager? Some of them really like to talk with employees to solve issues so they don't end up in a fight with the union. Just a thought.
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    You failed to mention people who hear music in their head also need to be comforted.
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    "Hey guys, isn't about time that us "UPS" workers leave the teamsters and start our ouw union. This is for the birds. Anyone who agrees with this reply to this post with just a "Yes""

    Tom Franklin ..........

    UPS Employees Association

    Sounds good to me!
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    The ignorance of some of the new employees and "unregestered guests" never ceases to amaze me. In response to your post Franklin, if you are a UPS employee, then you are probably one of those that enjoys all the Union benefits without paying for them. I suspect upsdude may be the same also. Ya'll jump right in there and start your own union. Perhaps then you could help Mr. Flunkie who after 2 years has not reached his dream. Forgive me for not being close to tears after reading the ugly facts. Pay your dues, do the time, and you will be glad you did. It's not easy, but it is worth it. We are compensated better than most. If you think not, just look next door. Burger King is hiring. I hear they have no union dues but great benefits. It's called a free lunch. Good Luck.