What can i do better?

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  1. MechanicForBrown

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    Well this might hurt a bit ,but I was wondering what everyone thinks about their mechanic? what could he do better?
    I'm always looking to do better and learn more, get to know my drivers and improve communication with them.
    I just want to hear about what you guy's at the BC think?
    Have any interesting comments, complaints, or stories about your mechanic, breakdowns you've had?
    And what do you love/ hate about your package car?

    As STUG has said to me in the past, " Think deep and splash it on paper " :its_all_good:
  2. dilligaf

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    I learned a long time ago to keep my mechanic happy. I like my mech and I understand that (at least in our extended ctr) it's hard for him to get parts for our trucks, so when I have an issue I try not to get to pisssy at him about it.

    One of my biggest complaints here is that he can't keep lock sets on hand. They are a protected item, but it sucks because things happen.

    Last year I wrote up a truck that I was driving, to have the motor mounts checked. I talked to him about it. He got this quizzical look on his face, like I didn't know what I was talking about. The next day I asked him if he checked it out. He said he had and that I was right there was a motor mount that was broke. I knew because I could feel it in the clutch.

    The best advice that I can give you is listen to your drivers. Don't automatically discount what you drivers tell you as BS.
  3. MechanicForBrown

    MechanicForBrown Prblm found,part on order

  4. trplnkl

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    In our center we have three Mechs, two are pretty good considering they have to wait so long to get management approval to do any real repairs. They try to address the problem on a timely manner and seem to care about workmanship. The third one is a really good mechanic, IF...no..IF, you can get him to do anything. He wants to pick and choose what he does and has a terrible attitude toward everyone. He basically just doesn't give a damn about anything. He's also a real smartass, not in a funny sort of way, he's also the biggest liar I've ever met.
    Just treat your drivers and their respective problems the way you would do you own and I bet you'll do fine.
  5. local804

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    The mechanics are all pretty cool and tight with most the guys. When I was a rookie(many many moons ago) I broke down on the road. The battery was dead, or so I thought. I called the center, they transfered me to the shop and we played dr on the truck over the phone. They told me to grab the fire extinguisher and bang on the starter. He stressed not to hit the battery leads and just bang it a few times. Sure as s#it it started right up. He told me to tape my key so in force of habit I wouldnt shut it off. I called the center manager and told him the truck was running and what the mechanic told me to do. He told me do the same and continue to deliver. Here I am inside office buildings with my truck running and only doing what I was instructed to do. I dont think I should have been put in that situation nor should have anyone in thier rookie years. The mechanic didnt want to make a road call and the manager just cared about the work getting done. If I only knew then what I know now.
    The mechanics are great in our district and even the shop manager.I heard that when the shop does the ERI, the mgr gets nothing but favorable and passes that crap with flying colors.
  6. dilligaf

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    And, it goes without saying this goes both directions, try not to take it personally when the drivers start yelling and screaming when things don't get fixed. LOL
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    As a feeder driver, I just want to say not only are the mechanics great but the guy who runs the shop is great. I don't have to feed suggestions to them and lead them to water so to speak . When there is a breakdown, we all seem to be on the same page on what is to be done. UPS mechanics are the best mechanics in the world and I admire them for what they do and know and I thank them for all the times they helped me out. I am sure there are a few bad apples out there in the ups universe but we don't have them at my center. Yeah, at times during peak if you pull up in the shop with a problem, they look at you with a "oh, shoot, what now?" face but thats because they are under pressure with the "hot" jobs they are working on at that moment. Great guys!
  8. City Driver

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    our mechanics seem to halfass everything.....i dont blame them, they are overworked

    our forklifts take months to get any kind of repair made to them.....our trailers are horrible sometimes, same with our yard tractors
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    What can you do better? How about QUIT!

    Jus kiddin.

    Here, ours are, for the most part, pretty good. Will fix whatever we need without grumblin, except if they don't have parts (which is typical nowadays). Just had out best one retire. With him, I came down one time (in feeders) with just Berg plug prongs needing spread (fders will know what this is). I said, "I guess I should carry a little screw driver myself to do this". He said, "Why, it's my job, not yours". Kewl.

    ON THE OTHER HAND...had one slug that cheated on PMIs, etc. became supe and was sent to fdrs. What a moron! Never drove a truck in his life, except around the yard, rode with me one time and said, "I got more miles in reverse than most of you guys got going forward". OK, YOU show ME how to drive, then, Superman! Had to come to complete stop 3 times before getting on big road because he couldn't shift.

    Another was shop steward. You'd think he'd know better. Became supe, got transfered to BFE, quit in disgust.

    Current shop supe, same as first exam. Can't tell combo wrench from pliers. Was p/c mech. Had so many road calls, they had to make him supe or fire him.

    I try to work w/mechs whenever I can. I ask when would be a good time to bring in for non-safety issues. Don't want to write up a months worth of work when I go on vacation so that they're bombarded.
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    Actually, I ride motorcycles with my mechanic and his Supervisor, I'm mean, what are the better chances of getting home with a couple of motorheads hanging around in case I breakdown.......So what can you do better? Buy a motorcycle and start bonding with other Bikers in your bldg...lol

    Most of our mechanics are good guys, until you start writing up little pidley :censored2: everyday.......Believe me, they know who you are....
  11. MechanicForBrown

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    thanks everyone for the comments, keepm comin!
    i'd love to hear some breakdown storys, i know you guys have done somthing crazy just to get the truck back!!! I have quite a few drivers outof my hub that will come back in rollin on the frame if thats what it takes.
  12. stevetheupsguy

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    Our old mechanic was extremely good. He transferred to North Carolina and was replaced by yet another good guy. The new mechanic has switched out motors, exhaust and given me a brand new seat for my 800. Not one of those regular seats either, mine is the deluxe with the high back. If it comes down to parts, it's always a wait, but this guy gets the job done.

    We're in a small center, so we only have one mechanic, but I guess diesel is right, ride a bike and get to know these guys.
  13. Leftinbuilding

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    Please don't use the "red tag" as revenge for minor write-ups.
  14. barnyard

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    I love my mechanic. I try hard to pinpoint the exact situation I had a problem and he does his best to diagnose and fix. I also try to let him know about minor things. Not mission critical, but if he has a chance, he fixes it.

  15. Monkey Butt

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    You better or he might take one of his wrenches and tighten your nuts!
  16. Kraetos

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    My mechanic charges too much for oil change. It's more expensive than Walmart, but I pay it because he can do in 10 minutes what Walmart does in one hour. So work cheaper.
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  17. toonertoo

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    No complaints about mine, he is the best. A great family man, and pretty darn good looking too.
  18. DS

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    Wow,thinking back,I drove 2 p800's for 18 years,I had quite a few breakdowns.Once in my probationary period,on a cold winter day,my accelerator cable snapped.When I called the DM answered and he told me to take the engine cover off,ram my foot in there and bring it back that way.Looking back,I would never attempt this now,but I made it.
    Once,I went to put it in reverse,and the shifter came off in my hand.
    The mechanic tried to talk me through it but I suck so they had to send someone to fix it.
    I had lots of other things happen and I'll add them as I recall them.
  19. browniehound

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    I've always felt that the mechanics and drivers are on the same side. I say this because when I write things up in the DVIR they never call me an idiot:happy2:. I only drive the brown truck, I know nothing else. I'm told by our supervisor to write everything up that may be broken.

    I know the mechanics have their hands full and I don't want to write-up frivolous problems to keep them from more importatnt jobs but I want to prevent a future break-down because it hurts both of us.

    I wish I knew more about the mechanics of a UPS truck but I don't. Maybe the drivers should be given a crash course on how the truck runs. I'm not talking about 2 hours at the end of driving school. How about an in-depth class that runs 40 hours/week for 2-3 weeks?

    I think this would be a great use of out time.

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    This may sound stupid but....do get women more attention then men do? It seems like the women flirt with the mech's and they get anything done (I've even seen one sweep out her truck!). When they ask for new tires POOF! next morning brand news tires, mines? practically bald. Favoritism runs rampant in our center.

    One time I wrote up that my windshield wipers were worn down close to the metal, next morning you guessed it..red tagged. Wipers?