What can I do? (Sue or Grieve)

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by LittleBoy, Dec 26, 2006.

  1. LittleBoy

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    i have two situations going on and i keep getting misinformed by my fellow co-workers.

    1. i've been asking to get a poll in the preload for a while now and my supervisors keep putting people with less seniority than me at the polls that open. i ask them why they got to go there when i've been asking and they say that they forgot and that im next in line, and then they do it again.

    i asked a supervisor what the union office would do if i went to them and complained and she said that they wouldn't do anything. then, another guy i work with told me that i could grieve and get paid for the money i've lost out on.

    right now they have me in the preload but they make me go back and forth between the preload and unload.

    what can i do?

    2. a supervisor keeps telling me that i need a note from the doctor to use the restroom. i go 3 times in a 5-6 hour shift and one of the times is on a paid break. i dont take long and i tell them when im going to go. is this harassment? what can i do?

  2. HazMatMan

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    3 times in 5 to 6 hours?? I go 3 times every hour at least, Now for the poll, I was always told that as a part timer my seniority was only good for vacations, personal days and start time, that there was no job preference for part timers. Them telling you they forgot about you or that you are next in line sounds like they are jerking you big time. No you probably cannot sue them, as for the bathroom 3 times in a 5 to 6 hour shift is by no means excessive, like I said I go 3 times in an hour at least, because I drink a lot of coffee..Please do not attack me on this issue it is my opinion......
  3. beentheredonethat

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    Let me start with Question 2 first. So what you are saying is you are taking 2 unauthorized breaks every day (and getting paid for it) and you think you are being harrassed? Let's assume it is a 6 hr shift and you take a break half way thru the shift. If you hit the rest room before your shift and after your shift and on breaks you'd only have 3 hrs between going to the restroom. If you leave for the restroom twice more then you'd be hitting the restroom every 1.5 hrs. That is excessive. If the shift is only four hours long, which is normal for January time period, then it would work out to going to the restroom every hour. If you have a valid medical reason, then that's one thing and that is what the supervisor is asking for. Without a valid medical reason, if you are allowed to take 2 unauthorized breaks, shouldn't everyone in the building also get 2 unauthorized breaks also? Also, shouldn't every preloader in every building then get it. Shouldn't the drivers get more breaks also? As you can see, if UPS bends the rules for one person, then they get into trouble with the union since they don't bend the same rule for everyone.
    As far as your first question, what belt supervisor would want someone on a pull when they know they are leaving twice during the shift. Who covers for you? The supervisor, the person after you. No wonder they don't want you doing a pull. Up in my neck of the woods, seniority can only be used for start times a person can't bid on a particular pull or a particular job within the building, just the start time.
  4. LittleBoy

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    why would i attack you?

    at this place, everyone in the unload/preload is part-time. anything over 5 hours is overtime. we get full benefits. i got the little union booklet and member card in the mail.

    can i file a grievance over this? another co-worker said that he told a supervisor that he was going to file a grevance and the supervisor said "i have enough dirt on you to fire you", so he ended up not filing. he said that i would most likely get fired if i filed.

    im new with with this union stuff, so i dont know man.

    what should i do?

  5. LittleBoy

    LittleBoy Guest

    i actually didn't start taking bathroom breaks until they let 3 people snake me on poll positions.

    and yes, almost everyone takes several bathrooms breaks.

    "On the other hand, if one is willing to drink
    enough water fast enough, so as to establish a high excess of body water
    one can pee 8 ounces 15 minutes or less after drinking 8 ounces."
    Digestion time

    there's an excuss for everyone. UPS cant keep people from urinating. and "unauthorized breaks", they are authorized because i am human. this shouldn't even be argued about. but i did think that your mathamatics were cute.

    who covers me when im gone? the supervisors. they ALL CONSTANTLY work throughout the day. the only times they dont work is when the "big bosses" show up. i didn't even know that they weren't suppose to work until a few weeks ago.
  6. over9five

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    Going to the bathroom is NOT an unauthorized break. You do not have to wait for break time to relieve yourself. That is BS, pure and simple. Peeing is what happens when you stay properly hydrated, as the company demands. Grieve them for harassment. You will win. If you don't win, go to your doctor (as they suggested), and get a note saying you can pee 6 times an hour.

    If they are moving less senior people to an open position you want, grieve this also. You will win the move AND back pay.

    You really have to find the shop steward for your shift. They can NOT walk all over you like this.
  7. tieguy

    tieguy Banned

    my my so much anger.

    The grievant can not dictate where he will work in the operation he can only grieve the loss of an earning opportunity. As such ,you would then be entititled to the 6 dollars per day sort opportunity (you're working six hours a day?) I as management however could decide you are pissing me off and pay you the sort pay while I keep you burried in the unload humping card board the old fashioned way. As long as I pay you the difference your seniority demands.

    I always enjoy the attempts my brothers in management make to manage the bodily functions. I remember being a brand new sup many years ago and being told to challenge people who felt the need to go to the bathroom once each day. Its a lost cause but you are paid to work and you should try to limit the unplanned trips.
  8. iamoverit2

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    Valid medical reason? A how about 30 degrees F in the track! Or, it's so hot, that you have to drink a gallon of water!? Pee in you pans and sue for embarrassment... Your's sup just a jerk, just ignore him (her).
    Talk to the union rep. about pick off, ask him for an advice.
  9. LittleBoy

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    lol, now we have a case of discrimination.

    on friday, a white employee threatened to beat up an employee and got suspended for a week.....same day.....a black employee threatened to beat up an employee and only got writen up.

    is this typical for ups? i've only worked here for about 9 months, but i've got to admit, out of burger king, shop co, and other "low" jobs, ups holds the record so far for most unprofessional workplace ever.

    not to mention how the supervisors lied to all of the temp employees and told them that a bunch of people were going to quit after peak and that they would get there jobs. now they are on call while supervisors work all day long to up thier bonuses.

    great company.
  10. HazMatMan

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    Since when is going to the bathroom an unauthorized break? People are different, If someone needs to piss, who are you to tell them no?? Hey dude if you need to get UPS off your back for "excessive" unauthorized pee "breaks" then by all means go see a doctor.. AS for UPS bending the rules for everybody If the man needs to pee the man needs to pee once again who are you to tell him no, it's got nothing to do with "bending the rules" If a sup told me I could not go to the bathroom and I really had to go then I would go and worry about the consequences later which would get squashed i'm sure.
  11. HazMatMan

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    Tieguy sounds like a real jerk-off. He was probably neglected as a child, or molested, one of the two!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. HazMatMan

    HazMatMan New Member

    Yeah, summertime is the best, they actually give you free water which they do not have to do, but it beats having people walk off the belts to go to the fountain every 10 minutes, yeah Ups does things for a reason, then when you have to pee, oh my God all hell breaks loose, Oh I can't let you go right now or oh no you can't go.. WOW!! next time just whip it out and pee on the sup.....
  13. beentheredonethat

    beentheredonethat Well-Known Member

    Your first sentence says it all. You are taking pee breaks because you're mad. If it's true that everyone is taking them, then the mgmt team there has lost control. It's good to know that you can rewrite the contract for paid break times because you are human. If that's true, can you just go into work, punch in and start drinking and peeing so all you do is work half the time? I think everyone has had days where they need to take a pee break during the operation. But if people do it because they are mad and take extra breaks. That's not cool. Your supv should be challenging you.
  14. over9five

    over9five Moderator Staff Member

    "my my so much anger."

    You're right. Stories like this really piss me off (pun intended).

    Tie, we can't pcm these people every day (hydrate yourself, drink more water, stay hydrated), give them bottled water, send water coolers around for them.... AND THEN TELL THEM THEY CAN'T PEE!!!! I think this is a case of a sup who is too lazy to do his job (provide a 2 minute relief while someone uses a restroom).

    Do we really want some kid with a full bladder trying to lift some 140 lb package up to a trailer?? If it were my kid, and he burst something because you wouldn't let him pee, I would be coming in to talk to you AND the DM.

    Sheesh! It's a pee break!!!
  15. LittleBoy

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    actually, i do need to pee. i use to just hold it until break or after work but now i dont care. im not mad, just a little disappointed. i haven't worked here long enough to really care that much to get mad and i doubt if i will work here that long. but ill make sure to make managements life hell before i quit or get fired(wont mater either way). for now on work will be nothing more than a fun game.

    ups obviously has a major problem that needs to be addressed.

    i still dont know why you are arguing, your wrong. i bet if i said that a supervisor raped a co-worker, you would some how try to justify it. lol.
  16. Dutch Dawg

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    My understanding: A bathroom break isn't an unauthorized break until one stops at the vending machine while enroute. :thumbup1:
  17. tieguy

    tieguy Banned

    Then perhaps you could muster some latent brain activity and tell me what post of mine you actually disagreed with. Ooops never mind you and got any brains or brain activity. In the meantime while you whine I chalk up another victory.
  18. tieguy

    tieguy Banned

    Thats your side of it and its a legitimate point.

    I've seen the other side of the issue to. Person does not have three random pee breaks during a six hour sort but three habitual bathroom breaks that take place the same time every night. When the guy goes on a planned break he never goes to the bathroom but goes straight to the cafeteria or outside to smoke. These habitual breaks then become part of the guys "paid breaks" to include the guy taking the newspaper into the bathroom when he goes.

    The unplanned random bathroom breaks can never be controlled. But some of this has to be questioned at some time and is always a loser when we do.
  19. mattwtrs

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    Wow! So many issues about some kid that can't spell, (poll instead of pull). Some day maybe he will figure out what he has to do with his life. Sad to say I agree with Tie, pay the chump the extra buck an hour and keep him in the unload!
  20. Channahon

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    It's obvious you don't like working at UPS and in your little immature mind you will harass UPS management to enhance your ego. Why don't you find another job and save yourself some aggravation, and put your energies to better use.