What does it take for a pt sup to get fired?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by htown0721, Jun 20, 2012.

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    Our safety sup in my building is a real idiot and places himself on a pedestal compared to the other leads. He constantly threatens the p/t sups and tells them one more mistake and they will get fired. I am wondering what does it actually take for the p/t sup to be fired or he is just throwing our blind threats like most management?
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    Where I'm at it is real hard for a part time sup to get fired. I've seen them do countless stupid and bad things and keep getting chances.
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    To be a safety sup stupidity is the number 1 requirement.
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    you would all be shocked at how hard it is to have a PT supe fired

    if he's threatening other supes though, they should complain to HR and start building a paper-trail against him
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    I don't understand. Sups aren't union. Couldn't the center manager just say "get the eff out of here you're fired"?
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    Very difficult to get fired other then not showing up, fighting, stealing, 95% of firings are done by security department. Safety will not fall on the lap of a pt sup, the FT sup will be held accountable then will have to hold his pt sup accountable afterwards.It has something to do with the HR process, the various lawsuits in UPS past and the lack of the ability of fulltime management to be everywhere at once. Pt sups also take alot abuse from union and often serve as a buffer between ft management and hourlies
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    It depends on the state laws and also, since UPS has gone public, it takes a while to build a case against a person to comply with the Risk Management measures to reduce lawsuits.
    Of course, as btrlov replied, one of the cardinal sins gets you fired immediately.
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    Ok, maybe because UPS is a "public" company, things may be different.

    I just know that around here, at any regular bs job, you can be fired on a whim with no reason given.