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Well, I'd be pretty upset if I had sent them $150.00. Because you received nothing for your money. Except a bunch of empty promises. Unless they take credit for the 6 billion. Oh, that's right, they thought that was a bad idea.


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Heres an email i received from danny last week. I believe they have been living the high life from the 10s of thousands of apwa members who donated to them. Now you can donate to john doe? Or danny doe?

An Unusual Story

During the summer of 2007 a UPS Freight driver was operating a tractor trailer in a metropolitan area. Preceding through an intersection his tractor was struck broadside causing it to jackknife into a telephone pole. He experienced substantial back injuries resulting in extended medical treatment. The accident was ruled unavoidable by the company and this driver has been out on a workman’s comp status since then.

During November of 2007 he underwent a routine prostate exam and it was discovered that he has stage 4 prostate cancer. The surgery for that condition was scheduled for early January, 2008. On December 26, 2007 he received a letter from the company stating that he MUST make an insurance payment of $3,400.00 by March 01, 2008 to maintain his insurance coverage. He obviously had to decide to make the payment so that his surgery could proceed or fight the decision thereby postponing the surgery and risking his very life! The surgery has been performed. Fortunately the prognosis coming out of surgery was very encouraging. A follow-up treatment of chemo and radiation is necessary to ensure that the cancer is completely eradicated.

There are two things about this which we wish you to be aware of. First is that we believe the company’s position is legally improper along with being morally reprehensible. We have referred this gentleman to attorneys whom we believe will ultimately prevail in setting right this atrocity. I think we will all agree that this is just another example of how that pearly white reputation the public has about “Uncle Buster” is very different from what we see from the inside perspective.

The second thing we want to make you aware of is an opportunity to help this driver in a very real tangible manner. We are going to make it possible for you to contribute to him financially during his time of need. You may mail any size contribution to APWA, P O Box 58427 , Raleigh , NC 27658 . Make checks out to APWA. PLEASE mark the note box as “John Doe”. We will forward every penny we receive in this manner to him. Hopefully we will be able to cover that insurance premium of $3,400.00. A contribution of $1.00 mailed in from each of you would pay the necessary premium. If you wish to use the donations page of our web site, you may do so. Please be aware that the bank fees associated with a credit card transaction will “eat up” a contribution of $1.00, so please consider some larger amount. As you proceed through the check out program on the “one time contribution” box you will find a page which has a shipping comments box at the bottom. Please enter the words “for John Doe” in the box so that we can identify these monies as ear marked for our coworker.

We suggest that you participate at whatever level you would like to receive were you the person we’ve identified in this story. You might also consider remembering this story when “Uncle Buster” comes around soliciting for the United Way next time. We believe charity begins at home. This event makes their United Way campaign an obvious publicity “play” using your dollars.

Danny E Eason


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i spent mine on the incredible hanging hooks billy mays sells on tv. they really are incredible. lol!!!

why do the checks have to be made out to apwa? sounds fishy