What Happens When You Remove People From The Equation

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    Caring about "People" has long since disappeared from FedEx Express. If you believe otherwise, I am very sorry that you choose to live outside of reality. That said, what happens when people no longer matter, as in the sense that employees create success or failure at a company? You get what you're seeing now at Express...apathy and mediocrity. That's the big reason we are seeing late freight, massive DEX01's, and "I could care less" attitudes. WAD is the logical outgrowth of an environment where excelling no longer has positive consequences, yet blind obedience and high productivity is expected/demanded by threat, coercion, and outright bullying.

    When I was an RTD, we used to hold meetings (sometimes off the clock) to brainstorm about how we could do our jobs better. Things like, alternate routes in case of a gridlock traffic accident scenario, bad weather, a late departure etc. If the freeway was a mess, I'd find some alternate route to the ramp, even if that meant driving through residential areas, narrow canyon roads etc. Whatever it took, I had a "mission" to get those customers packages to the airport and on that plane. Most of my fellow RTDs felt the same way. Now, if the freeway is screwed-up, so be it. They sit there and wait it out. If they miss the plane, so what?

    As a courier, we had a very heavy snowstorm, and everyone was chained-up trying to deliver as best they could. I had a very hilly residential area with about 15 stops, some of them prescriptions for regular recipients. I knew one was AIDs meds, and some of the others were cancer meds. There was no way I could get up the hills, even with chains. There was a guy riding his ATV around and I asked him if he give me a ride around the neighborhood so I could get these med packages off. He knew some of the people, so he said yes, and we spent an hour with me on the back clutching a milk crate full of envelopes and small packages. All of those people got their meds, and the reputation of Federal Express got another gold star.

    Would I do this now? NO. I'd sit at the bottom of the hill and exception every package, assuming I even bothered to show-up for work in the snow. Any guilt? None whatsoever. They have beaten the "exceptional" out of nearly every one of us, and that's where Federal Express made it's reputation. Lots of employees going above and beyond every day, because they felt an obligation to do so.

    Now, nobody cares...and for good reason. As I've said before, Federal Express is never coming back...that ship has sailed, been sold for scrap, and is now tin cans or new cars. But, what we're seeing now is massive chaos in operational terms, and tons of unsatisfied customers who are NOT getting what they paid for. TUT, or some other external "expert" can come on here and say that he still gets most of his packages on-time over at ABC Computers, but those of us that actually work here see the decline and the way customers aren't being serviced. And it just gets worse every day.

    Peak should be extremely interesting this year.
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    With talk of a massive "rebid" in our parts and no raise for the certain folk, we are so ready for "peak". Secret meetings to cut the work force to two-thirds part time and one-third full time. I have never seen so many people that were "anti-union" asking, "Hey what can WE do!" Well "WE" tried to get you to sign that card, but oh no .... "FedEx is the best thing since sliced toast". But, but, my wife lost her job, I have teens in college, this can't be. Peak will be like January 02, 2014. I'm doing the least and getting the hell off the clock.
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    Not giving a shat is the "new normal". Unfortunately (for them), this remains a job where going "above and beyond" is sometimes required just to make it all work. FedEx has always run close to the edge, and demanded that people always "respond to the challenge"...pure crap. Well, they have shown us that their response to us is to shat directly on top of us, with ever increasing velocity and volumes. The response? Sure, a few newbies or Purple Zealots will go out there and give their all for Fred, but most of us have wised-up. Doing as little as possible and not rising to "the challenge" pays huge benefits in terms of destroying the operation. And because the FedEx system is extremely vulnerable to the multiplier effect, the chaos spreads everywhere.
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    We share very many similarities, we all went above and beyond for this company. Express (the original) is gone. No more. They got what they wanted out of us and kicked us to the curb.

    Mr Smith, in about 2 to 3 years all of your SENIOR EMPLOYEES will be gone and wont look back. We have been Pushed Pushed Pushed to our limit....Good Luck with the employees coming on....They will never walk in our shoes, they will never bleed purple, and they will never believe in the PSP philosophy. So sad.....
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    Mr. Smith would be fine with senior folks leaving now. What you are telling him is that right now it is inconvenient for you to leave.
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    That's right. He wants your parolees and employees like them to go out there and do 17 stops per hour AND provide stellar customer service...all for around $10-$12 per hour. That will surely happen, won't it? Like I've said before, you Groundlings just don't understand how Express works, and your straightlining Charles Manson wannabees are going to fail miserably when they're asked to use that orb on top of their neck for things other than cheap alcohol and meth purchases. Add-in 20 on-call pickups and multiple service levels to that 17 SPH too, won't you? Lots of senior folks are leaving already, and replacing 1 vantexan requires 3 or 4 of the kind of folks you hire. Your employees cannot even shut the truck off, much less figure out how to do anything but what a computer program directs them to do on-road. But that's OK...you'll still make money.
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    Still deluding yourself in the absolute superiority of Express I see. That's fine. Delusional, but fine.


    This remains me of the instance, many ages ago, when a good friend of mine happened to be making P1 deliveries when his Econoline van broke down alongside a busy highway. His purple blood immediately starting pumping, his decision-making went into overdrive, and he decided to wave down and pull over a passing tow truck. He convinced the tow truck driver to hook up the van and drive him around, van-in-tow, so he could finish up his route. Needless to say, he finished all his P1 with zero lates! This above and beyond, quick thinking earned him a short story on the local paper, a $5,000 BZ, a paid, 3-day, weekend vacation, and his story was featured all over Federal Express. You definitely don't see nor hear those kind of stories any longer. That was the good, olde Federal Express spirit at best!
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    It isn't hard to be superior to Ground. Underpaid mediocrity is the future of FedEx, and you're supremely qualified to lead the ineptitude.
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    You don't know the half of it.
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    I don't think there's been a check attached to a BZ since the Regan administration. These days a BZ is a completely worthless "atta' boy, we'll keep the money for the big shots" waste of paper.