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    I don't have it installed yet,but according to several drivers I eat lunch with,the keyless entry system is already malfunctioning. I've heard everything from even after the fob is pressed it was taking up to a couple minutes every stop for the bulkhead door to open to the spring loaded door fully resisting when they go to manually close it. One month in and it's already an issue. Looking forward to getting mine......
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    I have problems with mine about 10 times a day, i enter the cab after making a delivery i might be bringing back a ars return or not in one or what ever i try to open the bulkhead with the fob and i hear the back door click. Usually i have to start the car then turn it off then hit ther open swith on the dashboard to open the bulkhead it's a real pain in the butt.
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    Paid by the hour
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    I keep opening the door with my butt while I am driving, no matter which belt loop I hang the fob from I inevitably press the button on the seat or the seat belt buckle after I have sat down. And the arm that opens the door generates quite a bit of resistance to closing it, I really have to slam the damn thing now in order to get it to latch. Overall I like the new system but they need to disable it whenever the car is in gear t keep the door from opening by mistake.
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    I'd guess you write this up every day in your DVIR. What is the response?
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    I love the keys entry haven't had a problem except the door spring needs to be adjust over time. They started installing them on are 120 plus cars 3 or 4 months ago.

    No more fumbling with the keys to open the bulk head or rear door when return from a stop with a package.
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    Sounds like you need a smaller butt.
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    I got to use one over the summer for about a week and while I like the fact of not having keys, it really doesn't seem worth it in my opinion. The bulk head door quit opening with the fob after a few stops each day I had it, apparently it kept getting wrote up, but again that pretty much defeats the purpose of having it. I drove another package car this past saturday and it had the key fob but the bulk head door would not open as well if the truck was leaning just a bit towards the passenger's side, so each stop I had to get up really fast in time to try opening it before it clicked off which it usually did. And as everybody else has said, the door is much harder to close now then before.
    I kept forgetting to click the button twice before opening the back door also, where as before you didn't need keys from inside the truck to pull up the door up. It makes me think of how much of a pain that would be the one day when the back door quits responding to the fob and you then have to constantly exit the truck to open the rear door with a key from the outside.
    The process of turning the ignition on doesn't really save me any time versus using a standard key (You still have to press the button on the dash twice) And if you're driving a manual and you accidently stall the truck out (you know once in a blue moon), before it was quick and unnoticeable turing the key off and on to start it back up but with this new system it's actually a little bit more of a process to turn off and turn back on, takes a few extra seconds
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    Wait until someone gets rear ended because of that. Lawsuit for both parties.
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    There is a learning process once you learn how to use the system it's great. I had some doubts about the system but now when I have a car without the keyless entry I'm complaining. With everything there are problems even with keys we as drivers have had problems that arise with the bulkhead and rear doors not opening.

    As far as stalling the car the only time I see that happen it when your starting up and most likely because you not in first gear. It that case you haven't really moved. If your stalling your standard driving down the road you either need to take driving lessons again and or the car need to be written up and red tagged till the problem gets fixed. Also if someone hits you from behind they are at fault in all 50 states.
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    It is smaller--he is down from 300 lbs to 255.
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    Dispatch has added more stops to my route because of the automatic door. It is a nice convenience, but in no way saves me enough time to be able to complete NINE more stops per day. And the door is MUCH harder to close now, giving my right shoulder some pain on a daily basis.
  13. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    Are you standing with your feet squared to the door while closing it or are you trying to close it while in the driver's seat?
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    How do you unhook the chain from inside? Just curious.
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    We have the keyless entry on our cars. All our new cars that just came in already have it installed.

    Its no big deal. Maybe a 3 second savings per stop. Back door, no real gain in time if you chain. Per day at 3 seconds per stop saved is 510 seconds, or 8.5 minutes saved per day. Average off area misloads is 4.5, and the time lost per each off area is 3.5 minutes or 15 minutes lost.

    Somehow, the savings dont add up. If you add in the time "forced" to make service on those misloads at the end of the day into the equation, then add 1.5 hours.

    Again, UPS watcing pennies as the dollars fly out the window, but hey, thanks for the $47.70 an hour to clean up your mistakes UPS.

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    Had my rear door opener quit working on Friday, when I still needed to deliver my biggest bulk stops. Called the shop, got the spare key out of the lock box. Opening that thing with the key required so much torque it twisted the key.

    Yeah, that was a fun first hour.
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    I love keyless entry, when it works properly. I have experienced all the problems mentioned in this thread. The 2 most frustrating things is when i push the button to open the bulk head door it doesnt work sometimes, and the back door was way easier opening with a key. I think this was just money spent to put pressure on the driver to speed it up and for UPS to buy some news paper time. You know the articles "Ups saves the world by removing the keys"
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  19. soberups

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    Unfortunately, I still need a smaller butt.