What is considered harassment by supervisors?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Aerosion, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. Aerosion

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    I have a supervisor who's really riding me right now. He says that I'm too slow so he watches every single move I make and gives very annoying pointers and corrections to what I'm doing. I'm a PAS clerk who can't really type all that fast and he's not really that understanding of that fact. My union rep says that I can't grieve this but everyone else says that I can and tells me to go to another union rep and complain about harassment. Is this wise?
  2. dannyboy

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    problem is in the details. show me in the contract book where it spells out what it is.

    reason for that is simple, they want to keep it a grey area, both the union and company.

    in your case, all the sup has to say is he is training.......so i do agree with the rep, right now, nothing

    just do your job. eventually he will find something else to amuse himself with.

  3. Mike Hawk

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    It would be harassment if he did it to you and only you, while others had similar preformance compared to you.
  4. drewed

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    I dont know your work performance. so this reflects nothing on you
    But in my exp you can treat all your employees the same, have a great employee that you lean on has a great atittude happy to do, and then ask a employee that is a little less than stellar and they hay the atittude that your picking on them or your singling them out.

    its all perception, just because you think it is, they may not see it that was, and your coworkers either
  5. dilligaf

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    Is the sup telling you need to go faster? You can probably use production harrassment. Sounds like he is trying to micro-manage your time also. Both are NM violations and are grievable.
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  6. drewed

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    then the sup can write him up for lack of production....its a double edged sword
  7. dilligaf

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    You are right to some degree. Everyone works at their own pace. With time and training most people will reach their peak potential. After that you may as well blow smoke because trying to force someone to go faster is not going to help, in fact it can be detrimental. Breathing down someones neck does not make for a good working relationship. Do you get the best out of your people when you stand over them tapping your toes or drumming your fingers on the wall?

    We don't know all the details of this scenario.
  8. drewed

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    Yea i know Dilli

    just like half the stories here, theres a lot of details left out
    so employees do react well to pressure in this fashion
    i know when i was an hourly if a sup did this i slowed to a snails pace
  9. dilligaf

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    I know that I would give 110% to a sup that I respected and was honest in his/her dealings with me.
  10. 705red

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    Drew were is this in the contract? You do know that the union does not recognize production standards. There is no quota someone needs to hit to keep his job.

    A fair days work for a fair days pay.

    It sounds like this rookie is in a newer job and will need some time to get used to typing.
  11. drewed

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    Well theres is a 70lb limit every UPSers is supposed to be able to lift repetively to hold their job, is that not a standard to base production off of, if i have to have 2 employees do the job of one, why have the one when the 2nd can do the job just fine?

    The job description your handed when your hired determines a fair days work.
    so if you cant do you job description you need to worked with, followed up with, warned and told you may need to find another job.
  12. rod

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    I used to have a sign hanging in my locker that said---" I only have 2 speeds---If you don't like the one I'm working at now you sure the hell ain't gonna like my other one":wink2:
  13. dilligaf

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    That's a great sign I need one of those for my truck when I get my own rte.
  14. LKLND3380

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    Harassment by over supervising... Plain and simple
  15. LKLND3380

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    Work to the best of your ability... Honest days work for an honest days pay...

    Lack of production if they are standing around doing nothing....
  16. LKLND3380

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    Safe Work Methods allow you to request help IF you are not comforatable doing it by yourself.
  17. IDoLessWorkThanMost

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    Uh, WRONG.
    It says in black and white no supervisor or manager will over-supervise any employee.

    The problem is, the person IS NOT MEANT TO BE A PAS CLERK. The job requires 40wpm typing minimum.

    You're lucky to have a job as a clerk if you can't type fast.
  18. IDoLessWorkThanMost

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    sorry, I didn't read your post...jumped too quick.

    ding ding ding, lakeland.
  19. IDoLessWorkThanMost

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    As a PAS clerk on my first 4 of 8 hours, I can tell you it says right in my job description that it requires 40wpm typing.

    Both ECS clerk and PAS clerk both require these #s and you have to be qualified to do these.

    At least here in NE that's how it is.

    I'm surprised they haven't moved the author to another area. It must be a regional thing up this way and maybe managements hands are tied in this case, and they're looking to move him but can't.

    Anyway, oversupervision is DEFINITELY not allowed in any way shape or form. if you are being harrassed or over-supervised, you need to report this harrassment right away to HR.
  20. IDoLessWorkThanMost

    IDoLessWorkThanMost New Member

    Here you go Dannyboy, i'm showing you in the contract book where it spells it out. I'm very surprised and almost shocked you do not know of this language. There is not gray area here.

    Section 1.

    (a) The parties agree that the principle of a fair day�s work for a fair day�s
    pay shall be observed at all times and employees shall perform their duties in
    a manner that best represents the Employer�s interest. The Employer shall
    not in any way intimidate, harass, coerce or overly supervise any employee in
    the performance of his or her duties.
    The Employer will treat employees with
    dignity and respect at all times, which shall include, but not be limited to,
    giving due consideration to the age and physical condition of the employee.
    Employees will also treat each other as well as the Employer with dignity and