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  1. crazygill

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    Is it just in michigan or is it all over other centers??? Lots of unrest very :censored2: off employes full and part, our center is getting ready to go to defcon 5 Management pushing all way be on any common sence. in our center alone 4 backs 1 knee all with 15 to 20 years on job and on comp or dis and as we speak 4 part timmer with 6 or more years ready say enough and leave 3 fulltime drivers with 6 or more ready to call it quit. is thisw the new master plan?? and 1 fired for not putting right code in time card for lunch.
  2. trickpony1

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    Secretly slip a bottle of Midol in their desk drawer. That should take the "edge" off and they will settle down.
  3. disneyworld

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    That's the "new and improved" UPS. Didn't you get the memo?
  4. The Brown Santa

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    I wouldn't know, I've been laid off since X-mas....
  5. EAM_Master

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    I'm in Michigan too, and that sounds about like how it is in my center. :crying:
  6. try it on long island...when you are told to put it through your own insurance and not workers comp, even though everyone knows you got hurt at work.
  7. Our co-workers in California didn't like the standard lunch so they filed a lawsuit and won a lot of $. They wanted to key in their lunch and the courts agreed with them. As a result, we all have to key in our lunch if we take one and the times we key in have to be accurate. If we don't do it we'll be fired (and rightly so - it isn't that hard).

    THAT's what's going on.
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    MIDOL - is that still on the market?
  9. trickpony1

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    I don't know. It was meant to be funny............

  10. The day Midol gets taken off the market is the day I will no longer be able to stay married to my wife.
  11. Channahon

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    And a laugh a minute you are. Found it amusing that's why I responded. You know female humor on my part
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    I think what is going on is Wall St. Not only at UPS, take a look at some FedEx boards. Their employees are not happy either.
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    Defcon 5 is a great way to describe our center. The new center manager told us today that there is the law, the UPS rule and my law. We are to do what he says regardless of what the law or UPS says.
    I cant get to specific, but we already have drivers threatened with their jobs in the few days that the new guy has been here. The problem is that the LAW says that the drivrs are correct, not the manager!
  14. toonertoo

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    When I was on the preload, I used to give the guys premysn, but I had to promise them they wouldnt grow breasts...
  15. crazygill

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    I guess that might be why they want
    a new contract so early to be settled so they will have more time to just make life dam bad for all of us. you all know we all have someone to answer to why don't they?
  16. canon

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    I assume it is. I went to the Midol website and they didn't say anything about being removed from shelves. As a side note, if you go to the Questions and Answers link, you'll find under the "Other Topics" link that Midol is not Kosher.

    I had two girlfriends in highschool that were Jewish. This explains a lot.

    THAT is what is going on.
  17. crazygill

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    For fellow ups people that give the type of remarks that are comming in about midall just what does that have to do with it, it must be nice to sit back and have such a great place to work and a great person to work for.be dam thankful. and thanks to all that have a postive remark.
  18. tommyl62

    tommyl62 michigan metro detroit

    i love my job lol
  19. toonertoo

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    It has everything to do with it, it is how we all handle whats goin on, :censored2: or get off the pot. (see avatar)