what is the most effective way to get a job as a package handler

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  1. thecraftyveteran

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    i was looking online for jobs as a package handler, and although it says the location near my house is hiring i have put in dozens of applications with no luck. what do you guys recommend that i do. i was thinking of asking my local ups driver who is a pretty nice guy to help me out, but i would feel weird doing that. i was also thinking of going into the depot tomorrow and asking if i could schedule a tour of the facility sometime. what do you guys think would help?
  2. Big Babooba

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    Be breathing
  3. SmithBarney

    SmithBarney Well-Known Member

    Have a pulse, and be breathing.. if they are overlooking your application
    there must be some serious red flags on it... cause otherwise nearly everyone
    gets at least the preliminary interview and tour.
  4. Loader509

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    You should have no problem getting the initial tour and interview. Keep checking the status of your application, it should update online and tell you when to show up for a tour.

    After that, it gets a little harder. I see 20+ plus people walking the tour every week and it seems we hardly ever hire anyone. I had a friend that worked there already talk to his PT sup and the HR guy. I was hired probably because of that.

    Good luck.
  5. klein

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    Wait until November, and apply again. They will hire almost anyone for peak season (xmas). Might just be seasonal, but if they like you, and you do good work, they also might keep you.
  6. hdtvtechno

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    You cant be submitting several applications at once..
    you are allowed to submit one application at one location once every 60 days..
  7. hdtvtechno

    hdtvtechno New Member

    When i applied for Driver's Helper back in November i filled out the application..and in a instant got a automated email telling me to schedule a interview/tour
  8. things2auction

    things2auction New Member

    I would talk to your driver and then maybe head down to the center to talk to the people there. A lot of centers in our area are pretty much only hiring people off referral. With the way the economy is even p/t positions are getting competitive. I had to interview against 20~ people for my pre-load job 6 months ago.


    Finish school and get your degree, ups is corrupt! Find somewhere else to work!
  10. Ramned

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    You've got to be persistent. Call and try to get a tour, after that try to get an interview. Ask your interviewer how long you should expect to see job openings. If they say 1 or 2 weeks, give them a call in 2 weeks - they are not going to call you. Just keep calling them and persistently persuade them how badly you want the job and you will get it. You can't just send in the app and do nothing, you have to show them you want to work there or they probably won't hire you.
  11. hdtvtechno

    hdtvtechno New Member

    Please dont be spreading false information
  12. Kraetos

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    Do what I did, just go to the hub that you want to work at, use one of the bay doors on the side of the building, there's tons of them, hop in and start working. Remember to look angry, cuss every now and then when you pick up heavy packages, throw them around a little, and then leave when everyone else does. Pretty simple, I've been doing it for three years now!
  13. hdtvtechno

    hdtvtechno New Member

    LMAO...right... :funny:
  14. olupsdrv15

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    if you have applied then call,call, call HR until someone returns your call. Then be prepared to have the Teamster union and the company try and fire you at your every turn. if you doubt this...just read some of these comments about the supervisors that will act like their a god to you. good luck to you ...you'd be better off working for .............ANYONE ELSE
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  15. things2auction

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    lol... I would take UPS over a lot of places.

    Its really not that bad of a job depending on your center. I have fun on the pre-load and my supervisor is a bad ass. We sit around and crack jokes all morning and think of ways to piss off other p/t supervisors.

    Just dont take the job too seriously. I do it for the workout and extra fun money on top of my regular job.
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  16. Kraetos

    Kraetos Preload, Loader

    Wow, you gave me a good laugh with that one, thanks I needed to hear a good joke today... Sarcasm is rampant!
  17. UPSer21

    UPSer21 Operations Supervisor

    do your best to get an interview. once you do... go in dressed in athletic clothes. gym shorts, tee shirt whatever. wear work boots. and tell them you are ready to throw down, and get it clean. i guarntee they will laugh and hire you. :happy-very:
  18. thecraftyveteran

    thecraftyveteran New Member

    so what are the months where they start hiring more ppl on. like what are the peak months for hiring ppl at ups? i know its around the holidays, but when does it start?
  19. hdtvtechno

    hdtvtechno New Member

    usually first week of November
  20. thecraftyveteran

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    and what is the job title of the package helpers, the guys that ride alongside the drivers and help deliver packages. how can i become one of them, is it the same process. also i have another part time job, would it be possible to only work three days instead of all five as an assistant to a driver?