What kind of truck do the Air Package Drivers Drive?

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  1. Mark012

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    Do the Air package Drivers drive something similar as the Package delivery drivers, what do they drive? is the vehicle smaller or larger than the typical package delivery truck?
    Also, I also would like to know what the Air package Driver job entails, I've read the info provided when you click on the posting but it hardly says anything about the job other than it's physical/fast paced... What does an Air Package Driver do?
  2. brownrod

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    Which kind of air driver? early AM delivery? PM air shuttle? or saturday air delivery? There might be other types I've never heard of.

    In my center the air drivers just grab whatever truck is sitting around unused. Sometimes thats a p5 (smallest truck we have) and sometimes that's a p12 (largest package care we have). I've even seen air drivers use 24' box van trucks because all the package cars were in use. This time of year we get rentals and most air drivers end up in rental moving trucks. (they suck but drive like normal street rucks).

    Air Package driver either picks up or delivers air packages. That's what they do. maybe even both! They don't touch ground packages. In my center air drivers are used early in the morning. late in the afternoon and on saturday.

    I'm sure all of this is different in each UPS center.
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  3. oldngray

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    Air Drivers prefer to drive the smallest truck available but they usually have to drive what is left sitting around.
  4. Future

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    clown_car_122860.gif This is usually what they give them considering the amount of work they do.
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  5. joeboodog

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    They usually driive a brown truck.
  6. PT Car Washer

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    Try and grab a small P 5 or P 7. Automatic, fast and easy to drive. A lot of times you will get an old dirty 5 speed diesel P 7 or a left over P 10. Saturdays we all drive P 5's. Never delivered air out of a 24' straight truck. If that was the only thing left would drive my own vehicle and be paid mileage.
  7. jaker

    jaker trolling

    Whatever has the most gas to get the job done and then leave it on fumes
  8. Mark012

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    thanks for the answers ya'll

    So all the driving is within the airport?
  9. sortaisle

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    Haha...not really. The air is done all over town.
  10. Cementups

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    Brown smart cars for the regular air

    and for the air that has to get there super duper fast we have one of these...

  11. jumpman23

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    No comment but funny az hell dude lol.