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    Hey everyone, first off I would like to say that this is a great site with a ton a helpful information and has help so much since my first time here. I am here because I was just was approved on my background check and was invited to the next process. This coming Tuesday I am going to take my D.O.T. physical, urine exam, and my driving test. Pending I pass all of them, I will be offered the Casual Feeder Driver position, the only part of this that concerns me is the driving portion, simply due to the fact of me not knowing what they expect. I guess if someone could please tell me what I should expect as for the the driving test as well as what will I be doing if I pass everything from the average hours per week I will get to anything else that I will encounter. Thank you to everyone one who responds I appreciate it (in advance).
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    I too am going for a road test. I have not been scheduled yet. If you could, please let me know how you made out and what to expect. Thanks.
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    Well I just took my road test, first off, you bobtail around the lot to see if you can shift, then you hook up to a trailer this is all done by you so he can see if you know how to. Next you do your back they do this first cause most fail at this point and if you can't make the back they won't even take you on the road. So he just picks a bay door and tells you to back, as he gets out and evaluates you. Make sure you get out and look behind the truck and always have your selt belt on no matter what. If you pass the back you drive around for about a half an hour or so and then you drop the trailer. Now this is just what happened to me it may be different for you. After that I went inside and was asked my sizes and he ordered my uniform, I then went to the Dr. office and was given a drug test and physical, I then went home and waited 2 days for the results to come back from the Dr. I was then called yesterday and said I will be starting next week. Now depending on how you drive you will go with a trainer either for 1 or 2 weeks and what happens next I'm not sure yet. But good luck and I hope this helps a little.