What to deduct from taxes this year?

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    Someone started a blog on this issue andI cant remember if we talked about this last year, so I started a new thread for others to add to and some to learn from.

    Use turbo tax. It will guide you through everything. Shoes, boots, union dues, parts of your cell phone bill if you use it alot at work. Interest on your home mortgage. There is alot of stuff deductible if you itemize, and some things if you dont. Charity donations, like United way.

    9 dollars aweek on cleaning your uniforms united way /drive if you have stock / 2 pair of boots a year/ 100 cell phone /ups socks 30 a year.

    Any supplies you use for your job, pens etc. Tolls used getting to and from work.
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    $9 a week? It`s $10 because it makes the math easier. $15 if your wife has a college degree and is the one doing the laundry.
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    You saw that Oprah special too? My wife said Oprah said if she got paid to de everything she does its a $300,000 a year job. I told her to go apply for Oprah.
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    drive if you have stock

    Red, what is this?
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    Very simple.... It means buy a car if you have stock monies.

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    Drive--I thought political contributions were no longer deductible.

    Stock--are you talking about capital gains/losses outside of a 401k?
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    Talk to rocket man, I did the best I could at explaining what I thought he meant. So much so, I have a head ache now! lol
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    I dont think drive is deductable. But stock losses, fees, margin interest, subscriptions, etc. can be used to offset gains.
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    So since Im one of those women who should make 300,000 a yr, because I do everything, including my own laundry, with a college degree, and 30$ an hour at UPS I would say my 1 hr of laundry per week should be deducted at 64.24, sound right? Ill let you know what the IRS thinks, :wink2: