what transportation u take to work?


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90 miles each way? jesus if i drove that much to get to my HUB i'd quit, thats like 5-6 gallons of gas each way for me, im making nothing then lol. BTW i drive 16.2 miles each way in 2001 chevy blazer :)


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16.1 miles only on sunny days!!:wink2:

2001 Dodge Ram

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6 miles each way. 2004 8.1 liter Silverado. Love the truck but hate the mpg..


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So you burn through a car every 3 years or so? What do you spend in gas each year, $7,000?

My Dad drives a lot. I think he told me once that he puts between 30 and 34,000 miles a year (mostly highway miles on a car. He used to go through them in about 3 years. He's coming up on 6 with his current car....a 2002 Chevy S-10 with an extended cab :happy2:. That truck has 185K+ miles on it. And its not going to the junk-heap, either. My brother swears he wants it when Dad gets a different car, which will happen after he crests 200K. -Rocky