What went wrong with this shipment??

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by pet man, May 11, 2007.

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    I make pet cream, I shipped 12 containers to a customer of mine in La. the shipment got crushed and all the contents were damaged beyond repair.. It happens.. no big deal.. I re sent the order and it arrived just fine..I also called and filed a claim.. the operator told me to tell the customer to keep the original contents and packaging for 7 days in case ups needed to pick it up for inspection.. which she did.. also during the claim filing I noted to the operator that my customer did not want to leave the package out on her porch because of the "unsafe" neighborhood in which she lived.. she left a work phone number for ups to contact her when they were ready to pick up the package so they could make arrangements ..with in a hour the center in La. called me and I told them what was going on and that they needed to call the customer to get the shipment..I was told that was just fine and we were all happy..10 days later I still had not received a fax to complete the claim..I called and inquired on it and I was told that ups had not been able to pick up the damaged package..I called my customer right then and she told me no one had contacted her or left any ups stickers on her door so after the 7 days she just threw the package away...which is what I told her to do which is what the claim person told me to do.. I did call and they told me the driver made 3 attempts and returned the call tag to the center each day..I don't understand all this, why would the center call me but not my customer? why would the driver not leave any notes on the door? and yep.. ups wont pay the claim because there is no package to pick up.. my rep has even come by and took pictures of my boxes, dividers, and bubble wrap and said that i'm doing everything right as far as packaging..somewhere something went wrong in this shipment..I guess i'm to blame but I think that I and my customer have done exactly what we were told to do.. I dont know anything else to do..thanks!
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    I can only offer possibilities-The driver did make 3 attempts to pick it up and your customer wouldn't leave the box out for the driver. The notes he left may have blown away. The call center you spoke to are not UPS employees but an outsource center and don't really know the operation(much misinformation is spewed from those centers).And least likely is the driver may not have attempted at all to pick it up. I'm not too sure what you can do with the claim now. Perhaps someone else knows.
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    Pet cream?
    is that edible?
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    look at this forum as a bar next door to a UPS center. look at all the users as UPSers sitting up at the bar discussing work, the world, or just kicking back and seeing how drunk (and funny) DIADlover could get.

    look at yourself as a guy that drove to the UPS center, saw that the counter was closed, then went into the bar next door. you see a bunch of guys in brown drinking beer and you ask them about your problem. what do you think is going to happen?

    95% would be irritated because they're off duty, they're in a bar, socializing. they would tell you to call 1800-pick-UPS, 4% would say that the 95% are jack :censored2: and shouldn't be listened to, but they won't be of any help, 0.5% is diadlover and they would fall off their stool or something, and 0.5% may be able to help you.

    i appreciate your business and i hope the issue gets resolved. i think escalating the matter through the call center would be a lot more effective (and considerate) than coming on here and talking to the package handler in canada, the feeder driver in mobile, al, and the package driver in moscow.
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    I recall from my delivery days, the frustrations customers would have over getting a claim paid. Your customer service rep should be able to assist in some way. The driver should not have left a damaged package and if your lucky he may have noted something wrong with the pkg in remarks section of diad on delivery. Very doubtfull. I believe LP (loss Prevention) handles claims, perhaps you could get a phone number to LP at pkg destination. Don't give up on your claim, keep a record of calls/people you speak to. Speak with supervisors/managers and remain firm in insisting the claim be resolved.
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    Boring? Useless? Well, you seem to like it! You keep coming back!

    In case you lost track, refer to your later post, "Useless", from same day.
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    There is the possibility that the driver didn't bother to fill out the note that he had tried to pick up the package. Notes can occasionally blow away, but not usually three days in a row. I always put those call tags in my load to make sure I didn't miss the attempt. I've seen other guys stick them in their pockets. I once found a call tag while going through my supply box weeks after I had gone on vacation, my cover driver being completely irresponsible with his duties. The plain fact of the matter is: this company is only as good as the driver that handles your area, and like many arenas in our daily lives, there's a lot of people doing crappy work.