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    I had a delivery at a residence, about 30 minutes before commit time and had a handful of deliveries left, all in a small zone I know I can bang out in about 20 minutes. Residential signature required, pull up to the house and blow the horn. At the door I ring the bell and knock on the door. Seconds later two little girls open the door (1 was about 3 the other about 5 years old). I ask if their mommy was home, 1 nods yes. I call out UPS, no answer. Now I start thinking and it's crunch time. I waited about 2 minutes, called out UPS a few more times, never got an answer.

    I moved on to my next delivery and called the local police department and reported this. What would you have done?
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Called the police? Did it occur to you that maybe she was in the bathroom or in the shower and simply couldn't get to the door? Obviously she should not leave her young children unsupervised and certainly should not let them answer the door without her right there but I don't think that warranted a call to the police. Poor parenting--yes. Negligence--I don't think so.

    I would have scanned the package and info notice and went on to the next stop.
  3. hellfire

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    you did the right thing,, say a few days later you hear something bad happened,, the way you did it is right.................whats the worst case?? the police show up and everything is allright ?? nobody seems to care anymore
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    I think it was right, the way things are these days, the doors should be locked and kids should be corraled with you in the bathroom whatever. That was long enough to snatch them up and be gone, if you had been a pedophile. Lesson for Mom, dont let your kids answer the door. Period.
  5. klein

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    I say none of your business. Kids were healthy, looked great.
    No need to call police !

    Awlful situation you put that family in.
    And , Police will tell the UPS guy called them.

    They won't want UPS delivery from now on !
  6. pickup

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    I wouldn't have started this thread and posted this story.
  7. toonertoo

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    sometimes you have to ask for an opinion. I gave mine, you gave yours. He did what he thought was right. Sometimes, not always people look the other way. And shouldnt.
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    I concur and would have minded my own business
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    I would say you did the right thing, you had the welfare of the children in mind. If she was in the shower or something no problem, but what if she had a medical emergency or is a complete moron and left the little ones alone. Let the police know there might be a problem and they will handle it. They will either let her know the dangers of letting little ones answer the door to a stranger or report her to childrens services if warranted. Perhaps if more people would take the time to notice these things, children wouldnt be neglected and abused as much, and parents would think twice about how they care for their children.

    Again, if Mom was just busy for a moment or two, no harm no foul, if the kids are in danger, then you may be the one that saved them from something bad happening.
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    I agree with the OP's actions. You never know what was going on. If he had waited longer until mom came out to the door, would he have gotrten into trouble with UPS? Maybe.
    If I was the Mom and the cops showed up, I would be :censored2: about the attention.
    I think the UPS guy, just like anyone that thought they saw something that didn't seem quite right, has a responsibility to get involved at some level.
    Just my opinion.
    I would have entered the house and investigated further. If still no answer, went outside and call the cops and waited until they showed.
    But then again, my actions are hypothetical. I wasn't there.
  11. klein

    klein Für Meno :)

    Your kidding right ? Entered the house ???
    Gee, she was probably in the shower. Driver couldn't wait longer then 2 minutes.
    Absurb !
  12. fxdwg

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    Not too far, just far enough that I was sure I was heard. I wouldn't want to be shot as an intruder, but would want to see if someone was home. I would have heard water if it was the shower.
    Tooner made the point that people are reluctant to get involved.
    People have heart attacks, get hurt by others, etc. Maybe asking the kids more questions should be the first action to take.
  13. hellfire

    hellfire no one considers UPS people."real" Teamsters.-BUG

    i know exactly what i would have done,, seen the kids, left the pkg, and went on,, then about 2 stops down i would fight myself over it,, think awhile and then decide to do what i think is right,,................ go back to the stop in about 30 mins and see if a parent is around...,,, If no ,then id call
  14. fxdwg

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    The Honorable thing to do!
  15. bigbrownhen

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    He said he hollered "UPS" a few more times and heard nothing. That is strange, usually you can hear something in the house, i.e, shower running, vaccuum, footsteps, something. It didn't seem quite right. Better safe than sorry, especially with kids. He can always explain to the customer later that he was just concerned if need be.
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    I think that if you felt a need to call the police then maybe you should have stuck around to keep an eye on them. It would not be a good feeling if something happened after you left them and by the time the police arrived. I don't think entering the house would have been a good idea.
  17. klein

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    I left driver release packages with kids before... so , whats the big difference ?
    Sure , he waited maybe 2 minutes... might seem long for him. But, if a woman isn't made up, (in pj's)... 2 minutes is very short.
    Or even on her house phone, shower, garage, .

    I wouldn't have bothered.
    And like pickup stated, : Why even start a thread about it.
    Personally, I think he did the wrong thing.

    Who knows ? Maybe she stepped out of the house very quickly to grab milk or bread.
    Give the woman a break. All she needs is child welfare after her.
  18. fxdwg

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    It seems to work on TV!!!!??? Steven Seagal would do that!!
    Seriously, my vision is stepping into the door landing and paying close attention to what I was hearing. Sticking around would have been a good idea, but as I said....We weren't there and we don't know the OP's circumstances.
  19. fxdwg

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    My only perspective is that she may have been in need.
    If she's getting milk or buying crack is the furthest thing from my mind. I am talking about safety.
  20. over9five

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    Minded my own business.