What's in the Box?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by mannbrn, Nov 10, 2003.

  1. mannbrn

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    Ever wonder what we are actually carrying around everyday? Drugs, Unlabeled Hazardous Materials, Radioactive Materials and yes even Body Parts..

    With 12 million packages plus everyday makes you go Hmmmmm!
  2. dannyboy

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    Kinda funny you should mention body parts.

    We had Keter in building last week and were doing very well. The morning they were to leave they were watching the preload. Just so happens there was a leaker on the belt. Blood coming out of a box. Everybody did what they were supose to do. Stoped the belt, and didnt touch, notified managment.

    Management called the des. reponder who showed up without any of his gear. Takes the bloody box to the rewrap area and works on it there. 45 pounds of turkey heads. He has blood all the way to the elbows, no gloves, no protective clothing, no face protection, nothing.

    As the inspector said, it was obvious that this was the manor that he was used to responding to spills, as when he was asked about his actions he stated "hell it was only turkey blood".

    But that was enough to knock us back down to a 96.9. STill above the national average, but it could have been a high of 99.2.

    Shame, all that hard work all for nothing in just one thoughtless second.

  3. parttimejon

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    had some dead preserved cats bust open one night a few years ago on the hub. meowwwwwwwww
  4. peacock71

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    Heads 'rolled' in Lousiville a few years back!

    Go UPS!
  5. local804

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    Aborted fetus 10 years back in Uniondale NY
  6. p_d_quick

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    A box of dead bunnies last Easter.
  7. antimatter

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    As a rookie hubman 27 years ago, we had (I swear) a human head in a leaking box. It had been bisected top to bottom right down the front and was laid open in a very thick plastic bag that was leaking formaldehyde. Turns out we had someone from the local college buying human cadaver parts and shipping them in from out-of-state. At the time this was a big deal, but I cannot recall why... if it was illegal or what. We had quite a crowd gather and look, though.

    I also had a box of frogs (again, going to the college) tear open on the belt that led to my load position when I was a preloader. I was reading labels and then... a frog hops by. Then another...and another! I look up the slide to the diverter, and there is the box coming apart and what seemed like hundreds of them jumping everywhere! Some got stuck under the diverter, some were pulled into the roller at the end of the belt, but most were hopping all over! Easily the funniest thing I have ever seen at UPS!
  8. tieguy

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    We had louisianna crawdads being shipped to a local seafood vendor. box opened in the bottom of a pup and those crawdads were crawling all over the bottom. Gave the unloader a heck of a scare.
  9. interested

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    I remember seeing a picture of a live alligator about five years ago. The reptile was hog-tied with duct tape and pictured coming out of a wet disintegrating cardboard box.

    I don't know if it was a fake photo but a couple of drivers were in the picture holding the thing-Anybody remember this??
  10. wornoutupser

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    Two years ago, our Fed Ex ground guy in this area had a box leaking blod. Inside of the box was a dead chimpanzee!
    We still give him a Tarzan yell every time we pass him on the road and he hates it!
  11. beacon_ray

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    Asside from "dead" things, it's always nice to have a reptile lover on your route. Reptiles eat "live" crickets!!! Always nice to have a box with several hundred crickets bust open on you. Makes for an interesting day!!!
  12. local804

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    Not too long ago UPS had the Petco fish account.The fish were shipped from Florida overnight to the stores across the country.
  13. nevadapaul

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    Wow, thats really disgusting and scary too, real fish!!!
  14. local804

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    Yes, real fish. They were bagged very well and placed in the boxes.I dont ever recall Petco ever having any problems.The boxes were white with red lettering.
  15. toonertoo

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    Lobsters from Maine, shipped overnight for delivery on FRI over the 4th of July weekend a few yrs back when it was on a monday. NI1 on Friday. Send again NDA was kept in a small 6x8 office, til Tuesday and I was the lucky person to unlock that door TUES am. SOLID Black with flies......like a horror movie. And the smell was absolutely horrid, NO AC. But at least we dont insure perishables.
  16. dannyboy

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    I sometimes get my fish in Via UPS or FDX, but because of the cost and time, usually I have them shipped in delta.

    I can get 15 boxes of fish each weighing 35 pounds shipped from Houston TX to here for about $300. and they get here within the same day, usually. They leave there at 2 and I get them after I get off at 9.

    The last ones that I got in UPS NDA could have been shipped ground and gotten here. But they got misrouted to Philly and didnt get here for three days.

    All 5 fish died/were dead because of the mistake, and each was over $100. UPS did give the customer shipping the fish their money back.

  17. wornoutupser

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    Orlando,FL just found a pound of cocaine last week in a box that had gotten wet. It makes you wonder how much more gets through that we never see
  18. speeddemon

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    so thats what makes you guys so fast down there![​IMG]
  19. wornoutupser

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    My personal experience is 6 pounds of pot that loss prevention had me deliver to the local police department.
    Going to court for this was a major pain in the tail. I received many threats and eventually gave up that run. UPS would not do anything about the threats, yet THEY were the ones that supplied the uniform to the police that they used to make the bust.
  20. mr_roboto

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    Box after Box after Box of Avon products every other Wednesday!