Whats the buzz in management?

Discussion in 'UPS Partners' started by Kentucky UPSer, Jul 6, 2006.

  1. Rumor has it a huge announcement in 2 weeks about management, anyone have a clue what this is about?
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    Thanks to the advent of PAS/EDD, the position of Center Manager will be eliminated. That position is now unnecessary, because the center sups can now read the daily EMAil from IE, and put in/take out the appropriate routes.
    Center Manager used to be a position of authority. It was HE who decided how best to run the center. Not anymore. Now the center is run by an IE guy a thousand miles away who never set foot in a center (much less a package car).
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    Really there 9.5? With PAS, center managers are not needed? I could make the point that the delivery sups are also not needed. The part time preload sups can read those same emails and make all the additonal changes to the dispatch before most delivery sups are even out of bed.

  4. over9five

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    Danny, you are incorrect. We still need the center sups to run cover during the Summer vacation season.
    They also run misloads back and forth between drivers. (This could be a new FT job, thanks to PAS/EDD).

    {snicker, snicker!}
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    I dont think we need any....................we are a well oiled machine and we run ourselves. The only thing that would be lacking is we would have no print out to read in the am, and no one to yell at us about unrealistic time expectancies, (but I could print it out for those who still care to look), and I would bet my check, everything would get dispatched and ran as well as it does now, probably better, except for the unknown quantities ran out during the day by the Ups ...fairies????........or whatever faction does the work left behind. If someone needs fired, we can do it we know who is slacking and who is getting the big shaft. And no one would because we would know how to adjust a load. Thieves, liars, and slackers would already be gone.
    If everyone came to work as most at my center usually do...it would go without a hitch, as no one dispatches now til 4 in the afternoon. (We would give people days off who need them for good reason and not just the golden guys/gals who only work for the bennies. ) We are used to that, and the OMS does it, which is why we all have phones and know each others numbers.
    Now lets see who could do the sups jobs? The OMS, of course. They could fill out vaca requests, option days, listen to and report on driver input, they are the only ones who listen anyway. They could tell by the time the drivers get in if the "volume estimates" were acccurate or not and tell us how many runs we would need the next day. And we could adjust accordingly. They could order the pizza and not hide it in the office for the people who get in before 9.5, and then take the rest home, because the people over dont get any. Do I sound bitter, no, just the facts. I wonder who will agree, Im betting on most of you.
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    You're all wrong! I work just up the street from Glenlake so I always get all the skinny. So here's the deal. Board meetings have been just aweful of late. Even Eskew has complained it's so hard to stay awake and keep interested. I told Mike about this forum and how he could get a pulse of the workforce here and he took me up on it. In doing so, he also relaized within this forum was the answer to spice up the board meeting too.

    you know where I'm going with this don't you! :wink:

    Effective in 2 weeks Tieguy and Susiedriver will officially join the UPS BoD as Vice Presidents of Entertainment and Court jestering. It is believed this will at least keep Mike awake a the board meetings if doing nothing else but keeping these 2 seperated.
    :lol: :lol:

    Sorry Tie, I know I'm a lowlife for continuing this crap but I just can't help myself.
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    Hopefully, what's happening in a couple weeks is that on July 25th UPS has a great earning's report......with no other world news to detract from the company's stock rising high that day.
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    OH no no no. Lets take this soap opera all the way to the end. Our software emails the customer when the package is shipped. Our customers can track the package and see where it is at any given time. Now with PAS making delivery so easy those packages practically deliver theirselves its only natural to assume that we will soon eliminate the preloader, preload sup,delivery sup, center manager and yes even the driver by opening up self service aisles at your local ups. Hell your home depot thinks they can do it why not UPS?:thumbup1:
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    I can't wait to see some of these people try to fit their Pottery Barn orders into their Toyota Prius.
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    Well why not just open warehouses in cities and have the packages set out in aisles like Walmart? You could notify the customer when their packages arrived, have the facility open about 18 hours a day and let them come down and pick up their stuff. Large accounts could pay extra for personal delivery, and customers out of the way could pay for a driver to take them their package. The delivery fleet could be cut in half, and you just might be able to mechanize a large portion of the system with robots. Maybe you could just push a button and your packages would come down a chute right to your car. Just send an email to anyone getting a package and let them stop by the UPS terminal at their convenience. Maybe even put in a foodcourt and some theatres.
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    Dont laugh. That type of system is used by metrolina for plants. Totally automated. Even the watering and fertilization is taken care of by computer. Only times they are even touched by human hands is when they first plant them (only to take out the ones that the machine did not plant correctly) and when they take them out of the racks to put onto the racks to go to Lowe's and walmart. Totally unbelievable system. Much of this technology is already available to UPS and in use throughout our system.

    Just punch in a shipper number or your address and flash your ID to the screen and the packages come right to you.

    With things that UPS has done in the past.........I would hate to see it go that way though, our home delivery is one of the few things that has set us apart from the also rans.

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    The word here from my sup. friends( center mgr., hub mgr., & an on road sup.) is UPS is doing away with the pension plan for it's managers. They will be offered a cash buyout equal to about 1/2 the amount they have accumulated to date. The understanding is they will have to leave the company to do so. The proposed date is next Sept. The scoop is many more will take the buyout than anticipated.
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    Never work. PAS would have packages going to the wrong asile. Or, at the last minute an asile would be "cut" but all the packages wouldn't get moved. Another problem, PAS would say the asile number wasn't valid and charge an asile correction fee.
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    If the post about the UPS Retirement Plan is true, can imagine alot of high seniority managers and supervisors will be getting out of here. Anybody ever notice that once most of them hit the retirement age of 55 with the 30 years they don't hang around much longer. This appears to be another buyout like the one that occured in the mid-
    nineties, maybe they are targeting the high salary managers this time. The last one took out alot of young supervisors some of them pretty good ones who saw the opportunity to get out of the rat race.

    The details are in the pudding though, from my understanding any retirement plan has to pay the vested benefit for all it's participants before it is terminated. Can anybody remember the old thrift plan? The plan itself has to be pretty well funded, unlike some others that we know of, it has been around since "61" and funded to the max with a very good portfolio and UPS common stock. Has to be well over 100 percent vested by now, question should be whether they are eliminated the plan itself or just not having people collect vested years past September? If they are going to dispurse the monetary value of the plan it would be considerable, a real windfall for all managers who left. Would be kind if they considered the working folk too, a plan has to be in place for it's non union workplace that are not in management (OMS's, administrative assistants, part time supervisors etc).

    Again if this is true it could be that the company will be using UPS stock for management's retirement future, which would provide a living wage to compensate the lack of a retirement package. Of course having medical coverage is a must for all retirees till medicare or medicad kicks in, imagine that will be part of the package.

    If you been following the news lately you can understand this happening, corporations are getting out the traditional retirement plans and making the employee pay for their own (40lk plans). Management does have their own 401K and it does match, also they have a savings plan that I am not too familar with. Bottom line is that once they retire working for Walmart will not be an option, they will make sure they are are taking care of.
  15. tieguy

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    Don't see many takers unless full medical is offered. One catastrophic illness can wipe out a lot of dollars.

    I would think there would be a huge tax penalty for cashing out your retirement?
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    I must clarifiy my previous post. The info given to me is not concrete. The mgrs. do not know for sure what's coming down, but the buzz they have heard is about the buyout plan I mentioned in my first post. It could be something totally different. Our mgrs. may find out important info on their status the same way we do sometimes. From our customers, or in the business section of the paper. That being said the word I heard is no medical is included in the buyout. Which would not be a problem for younger mgmnt. who could find new employment. The catch would be for the older one's who are less apt to find new jobs. The irony is the older ones are probably the target group for such a buyout, and the younger ones will take the money and go. My thought is if UPS wants to take over our pension from the Teamsters on the next contract, why on earth would they close their own mgmnt's plan? Do they need the money to prepare for taking over ours? Could get interesting.
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    Got you on that one, we all are speculating, but generally rumors at this company come into being. Really hard to keep a secret with todays media networking, it does line up with the early contract negotiations that might be happening in the coming months. The pension plan that most of us are vested in is separate from managements' so that will not be eliminated, would be great if they put some of those funds into that, it has been greatly underfunded compared to managements. If they are planning on increasing the monetary pay out for all those part time years combined with the teamster's plans it could help with our retirement years. I know of a combo person who checked into their benefit for 20+ years as a part timer and it came out at 100 dollars a month if he wanted to retire at 50 with 30 total years in, live off that if you will. You see they reduce your payout by 6 percent prior to age 65, the amount would not be 55 dollars per service year per contract that the current part timer workforce enjoys. Here is the formula: It is a percentage of a 30 year retirement at the time you left that plan, his would be 2/3 of roughly 1000, coming up to 750 at age 65. Now reduce that total by 80 percent for those years prior to 65 if you wanted to retire early and actually it is less that 100 per month for 20 years. People are you getting my drift!

    The full time years with the teamsters plans would be separate and added on to those part time years for vested purposes only. He would get 800 per year at 65 with his teamster retirement plan, subject to change.
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    $800 per year? What a deal!
    I guess he could live under a bridge down by the homeless shelter. He could eat his meals at the homeless shelter and buy a bottle of cheap wine with the money he got from cashing in his food stamps.

    Makes me proud! (sarcasm intended)
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    That's not true at all. I've been spreading the rumor that I'd become CEO for almost 25 years and Mike's still in my seat so there you go!

  20. DS

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    NO residential paid send agains.
    I can see it getting to the point that we make one delivery attempt and if its a non driver realease pkg,the cust has one other option.They must go pick it up at the nearest UPS store,or the closest center customer counter.UPS used to be customer friendly,but greed,in the upper management levels and the advent of increased productivity has brought us down to a new level.
    I think we could get by with no sups as well if they let us start at 7:30
    AM...as long as preload does thier job we would have time to adjust and dispatch ourselves and do it in 9.5